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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Thank heavens we are no longer Ikedabots


  1. posted on july 2016. why is al the footage from much earlier ? more gakkai cult propaganda. lets have a video of what he looks like now. if he is still alive. how about it?
    lying is not a quality of a buddha, or even bodhi.

    this was my comment on youtube, it makes me sick.

  2. The Great Master of illusion from the land of the Sun to the land of the Moon


  3. Is the SGI (Soka Gakkai International) a Cult? Part 1 and 2 and Inchantika Tourette Syndrome - Tim Janakos

  4. part two:Christopher Dimopoulos I could not agree with you more. If there were mistakes or wrong doings they need to be explored so they will not be repeated. It is like he never existed. That is not a healthy way to run an oraganization. In addition, there are some great things accomplished by him that are also being ignored.
    Like · Reply · 2 · February 24 at 10:32am
    Al Albergate
    Al Albergate As a longtime member & leader, as well as a former national HQ staff member, there are some things I can share, but I prefer to speak one on one. The public blog thing has already blown up once with the emotions surrounding this sensitive subject.
    Like · Reply · 2 · February 24 at 4:19pm
    Bo Lim
    Bo Lim Hi Al, since you were there thru the thick and thin when all these issues happened I think it would be good to give us your first hand unbiased and impartial account both as a leader and a member. Some or most of us weren't there and like it or not our...See More
    Like · Reply · 3 · February 25 at 8:31am · Edited
    Al Albergate
    Al Albergate Hi, Bo and fellow SGI friends. I hope I didn't sound as if I am an authority on this matter. In fact, I recommend to any of you to contact the new general director, Adin Straus, or Danny Nagashima, Tariq Hasan or Gerry Hall at the National Headquarters...See More
    Like · Reply · 2 · February 25 at 11:37am
    Bo Lim
    Bo Lim Hi is all good and I do understand.
    Thanks for giving us the number where we can reach you.
    Take care.
    Like · Reply · February 25 at 8:40pm
    Bill Anker
    Bill Anker Still, why the need to pretend he didn't exist? Why not just be honest about what he did. Good and bad.
    Like · Reply · 4 · February 26 at 1:23pm
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    1. because ikeda and gakkaii are not honest. simple as that.

  5. part three:Jean Anker "Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past, control the future." George Orwell 1984
    Like · Reply · 3 · February 26 at 2:42pm
    Greg Romero

    Write a reply...

    Andy Hanlen
    Andy Hanlen All you need to know is how Mr. Williams is treated in "The New Human Revolution," which is ostensibly a historical account. His role in building the organization in the U.S. (and Europe and S. America) is minimized and he is hardly credited for the t...See More
    Like · Reply · 5 · February 26 at 4:48pm
    Jean Anker
    Jean Anker We should not be afraid to discuss things honestly and openly. We are all adults, and whatever it is, people can handle it. It will only strengthen the organization to clear the air on all this stuff.

    1. i agree. so why do you support such ugliness?

      one is what one does.

  6. part one:Dear All,
    Hope all is well.
    I am writing in hope that someone can shed some light on what transpire between President Ikeda and Mr George Williams so that we can have a clearer picture. In any organization transparency is utmost important and more importantly we must not follow blindly just because our leader says so.
    I am sure there are some few senior leaders among us in this group who can let us know instead of us wondering and guessing what actually happened.
    Thank you for your time in advance.

    1. sorry for the sloppy job. unrest in the gakkai.

      the people who stay with them are complete fools!
      "one must not follow blindly"....but they do. geez!

    2. Hi Greg! can you provide the source or link to the conversation you posted? Must have been as recent ass this year as Aidin was appointed GD SGI-USA November 2015.

      thanks !

    3. yes this section and a few others are very recent. it is the George M. Williams/Masayasu Sadanaga - Memorial

      i think this is the address

      if it does not lead with this post above , you have reached an other area. there is a lot there. i commented quite some time ago and of course they don't like me. the hypocrisy is that they loved williams but nevertheless laid down and said nothing. big phones . cheers let me know how it goes. cheers.

    4. Aside from yours and Andy's comment(s) there , greg, I see NO trace of Buddhist philosophy on this thread, about Mr. Williams. No concern for truth; no thoughts on the meaning of Ikeda's aka "Icky"('s)- "Behavior as a human being"--- and likewise, the Ikedabots wipe off their boots, and none of them notice the lingering stench of all they have stepped in!!

      But it gets even worse further down-- to November 23, 2014--a whole new realm unfolds, that may be closer to Islam than Christianity and then begins to wreak of Scientology, or rather *let's just pull whatever 'outta our arses'-- who will know the difference?

      So here is a snippet of a discussion that had waxed nostalgic; a "whatever happened to so-and so" tangent-- prompted by those *gotta luv 'em* NSA golden days group photos!

      This exchange starts with the rather bizarrely phrased announcement of the death of a senior leader, Steve, who according to Diane, took his own life because he did not want to burden his wife/family with his *terminal illness*. Diane assumes he chanted while inhaling carbon monoxide fumes, so naturally he *was enlightened*-- after a few more bizarre comments, this topic swerves into blissful anticipation of encountering dearly departed Gakkai comrades "on the other side"-- after "crossing over" the limits of the 10 worlds!!


    5. November 23, 2014
      Diana Alban Thank you sooo much. Steve Effnor was my 'Group Chief'in the '80's, when I needed a very warm supportive 'family vibe ' environment, raising my son, Michael, alone. I'll share later what profound, and visionary comment he gave me one time, and the 'carbon monoxide Kenzoku Myo' we shared that did him in, and almost did me in in the '90's. Would share now, but I must rest my EYES, the flourescent light is becoming problematic to my sensitive blue eyes..... Mustn't over exert my 'Treasures of the Body', especially since I remind my self now every day how grateful that I have been able to Fight and Win over sooo much as still be in this 7 decade 'young Spirit' body.......Going for.....107 years Young, Planting, Waterring Seeds of Myoho all over Planet Earth, etc, etc, etc. ( as Yul Brynner said so often in "The King and I " classic musical )
      November 23, 2014 at 7:35pm · Like · 2
      Patricia McGuire
      Patricia McGuire Steve was a quiet wonder.
      November 23, 2014 at 7:56pm · Like · 2
      Yamini Redewill
      Yamini Redewill Is Steve gone too? What about Barbara?
      November 24, 2014 at 8:59am · Like
      Yamini Redewill
      Yamini Redewill Please translate: carbon monoxide Kenzoku Myo.
      November 24, 2014 at 9:00am · Like
      Landis Kearnon
      Landis Kearnon Yamini, I was hoping someone closer to the core would pipe in and tell you, but Steve, upon learning he had terminal illness, heroically ended his life so as not to burden his loved ones. I can't say any more than that right now, but Barbara took it in...See More
      November 24, 2014 at 12:37pm · Like · 2
      Yamini Redewill
      Yamini Redewill Oh oh heart hurts! He was the sweetest and wisest of all the leaders I knew and loved. Thank you Landis Kearnon for relating that to me the way you doubt he and she are enlightened.
      November 24, 2014 at 1:38pm · Like · 1
      Yamini Redewill
      Yamini Redewill There are so many people I've loved that are on the other side....I can't wait to see them when I cross over.

      SO-- there you have it!! The Ikedabots aka "Buddhas" blowing off deceitful revision of the history of SGI in America, condoning cover-ups and collusion with their *Icky Sensei *-- sharing the means to turn suicide into *enlightenment* and introducing the 11th world, or rather "The Other Side" where the dearly departed are waiting to greet us!!

      Congratulations, Greg Martin, Guy McCloskey, Ted Morino, Jean Rosenberg, Tariq Hassan, Linda Johnson, Matilda Buck, !! And special kudos for Danny Nagashima and Aidin *the art of the deal* Strauss, for surpassing Scientology !!

      SGI-- maintaining tax exempt status -- by the seat of Ikeda's soiled pants !!

      Sensei isn't called, Icky for nuttin' !!!


    6. sorry, left off informative copy from comment above. Here is the expanded version:

      Landis Kearnon :Yamini, I was hoping someone closer to the core would pipe in and tell you, but Steve, upon learning he had terminal illness, heroically ended his life so as not to burden his loved ones. I can't say any more than that right now, but Barbara took it in the loving spirit intended and pretty much attained enlightenment as a result. As did Steve on his way out. You can tell, I'm sure, that this is my take on it, but I don't think you'd find Barbara's all that much different. It makes me very emotional to talk about it, but there you have it . I'll let Diana translate her statement. This is the first I've heard of that. But for advanced insight Steve chanted his way out of this life in his work truck."

      NOW we know how SGI members become *enlightened*--


    7. nice report katie. excellent insight. most of the cast of people mentioned i knew fairly well. for some reason lots of name changing going on. yamini red well used to be fran red well until 20 years ago she became some kind of meditative yogi and now promotes paramahansa yogi stuff. no longer chants. used to be a w d senior leader. landis kearnon used to be suzi landis ywd senior leader 30 years ago. not sure if she chants now or not but left the org. many years ago. however, like most is a social Facebook clubbie. the efnors(steve and barbara) from long ago were a gakkai experiment= take one gay man and one gay women and marry them(both senior leaders years ago) and all we be fine....NOT. didn't last. partrica mcguire, marriage did not work out , lives in davis got in a horrible car accident that took her many years to recover. has within two years ago attacked me on my Facebook page(posted by mark on E P). she used to be a senior leader for the ikeda cult. diane albane ,i knew her and who cares! same old bullshit.

      al albergate(sgi's p r man in los angeleswho used to work for the major), i through out of my house in 1990.

      knew well - guy mcclosky, gerry hall, ted morino ,linda johnson, matilda buck all mindless ikedabots. they don't like me either.
      andy hanlan - one of the founding members of the I R G who no longer practices or wants anything to do with the org. at least andy will speak out from time to time.

      the entire gmw page/thread is pathetic. they all gush about williams, but none said a word when it was needed for his sake. ugly american history. GMW apparently got what he deserved(karma), however, there is no doubt he was treaded savagely by ikeda and others on the same team. what a shame , what a shame! history will tell.

    8. part three:Jean Anker "Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past, control the future." George Orwell 1984
      Like · Reply · 3 · February 26 at 2:42pm

    9. Bill Anker Still, why the need to pretend he didn't exist? Why not just be honest about what he did. Good and bad.

      bill and jean anker - longtime friends who are constantly at odds with the sgi but hang because they have so many friends and are confused about the real teachings. in other words , not really buddhists.

    10. its far more likely yamini redwell will be joining all of them in the avichi hotel. pathetic!

    11. Hey, Greg-- Wouldn't it be great to see this story smuggled on to the front page of the WT.?
      ".He Chanted His Way Out of This Life in His Work Truck"---front page- Head line- with special congratulatory message from Sensei.
      "Carbon Monoxide Kenzoku Myo," ' the ties that blind', by Bill "everybody gets saved in this Buddhism" Aiken.

      "Suicide is a Cause for Enlightenment", 'exclusively for members in the one &only organization that is fulfilling the great vow of the Mentor, Ikeda sensei'- special guidance by Greg Martin

      Topic/theme for district discussion meetings: by Nathan Gauer" "Inheriting the Baggage of Life and Crossing Over" -- video available from Ikeda Wisdom Academy.

      Maybe they were all high when they had that FB chat,?-- Could any Buddhist actually believe that*ending one's life* , while chanting is enlightenment?

      This is scary stuff---I don't suppose it has occurred to any of those who are sleuthing around for the truth about GMW, that. according to Nichiren's teachings , IF Mr. Williams had been some kind of treacherous schemer, his expulsion would have opened the way for tremendous growth and great good fortune in the SGI USA.-- It still surprises me that none of the big cheeses think like Buddhist.

      Wow, greg-- how very fortunate you are to have awakened on your own. The Gakkai is another species all together-- some kind of hideous mutation..



    12. well congratulations on your own eye opening. as i have stated in the past , this is rare and most profound.

      there is a video over there(the page) that i think was posted by a longtime nsa/sgi member. dave cole is the name. mark is aware of him and long story he is lost in his own ego and arrogance . however, he is right in this perticular video and i think he did a pretty good job. it has to do with the "new human rev" which excludes gmw and what he gmw built. he is a long story and mark has had his hands full more than once with his erroneous patter. check it out if you can. i left a short post about how the japanese business of buddhism is harming the world. guaranteed to piss someone off.

      "some kind of hideous mutation"......, yep!

      suicide enlightenment.... how come he could not overcome his illness? no faith/incorrect faith? me thinks so.

      i had an ikedabot friend named g williams who used to hang at the florida ikeda center; talked about ikeda like he was jesus, water and all. he had a stroke 6 years ago and sat in a wheelchair drooling for 6 years. could do nothing and then passed. his son called me to report that he had passed. i replied my sympathies and he replied it was for the best because he was basically a vegetable.

      me.... 31/2 years triple by pass congestive massive heart attack, 2 strokes and pneumonia and the doctors said they could not believe how sick i was because i looked like a healthy young man. what i experienced was a non common mortal experience. difficult to explain, especially in writing. bottom line, absolutely no pain and no fear. nichiren is right!

    13. Thanks, Greg! I posted the link to the video on ABRN. Guess you read the comments on YouTube, which I think most will who watch the video. In that vein, your comment *brings it all home*. Anyone who has a connection to the teachings would, imo, begin to seek answers, deeper understanding with faith in Nichiren as their guide and teacher, and thus experience their own *eye opening*. That's how my story goes.

      In my *circle* --even now that I am totally confident , there are those whom I would say have always been *person* dependent in the practice (my husband included), who contend that I have a *personal agenda* based on personality conflicts, ill feelings, etc; or rather, I am looking for validation for my *feelings* about SGI. So, being accused of holding grudges, doing onshitsu, disrupting unity-- "sour grapes" and "tit for tat" etc. a common assessment I notice coming from SGI members and leaders whose attachment to SGI is an extension of their attachment to a person, a leader, or persons and leaders and even after 25 plus years of practice they have no real *faith* experience. There is no one in my circle who has practiced and studied viewing Nichiren as their one true , "mentor" and only teacher.

      I , like you, had a dramatic turn around medical / surgical/health crisis in 2000, unfolded over a year,-- 2 years after my district was disbanded. Boston leaders spread the word that I was *the poison* in my district , and my nearly fatal, *illness* was my karmic retribution. I laughed at them, continuing to remonstrate with national leaders, Fred Zaitsu, then, Danny Nagashima via letters, emails & faxes- ; face to face meetings and personal guidance from Kashahara, Matilda Buck and Danny. ALL said "Trust your leaders. Unite with them"-- However, choosing Nichiren as my mentor, I faced everyday vowing "to fight until the last moment of my life"-- this was the cause from which I would launch my next life. I never recanted my faith; nor did I accept their terms for being *a member*-- and not only did I recover after three major surgeries, but , like you, I became healthier, younger :-) and more vibrant than ever. AND more hated by leaders, which made my third ex-communication experience [ attempt to change SGI from within]so damn much fun !!

      Just seeking answers and understanding with faith in the teachings of MY mentor, Nichiren, I found Eagle Peak. In just 3 months I have made causes that have once again stirred up my critics' and am being admonished for *trying to destroy SGI*, and *breaking* my bond with Ikeda Senseless. My current difficulties, hardships are labeled, *karmic retribution* , the indication for my own *human revolution* that I need to challenge.Hahaha-- like I don't know what eradicating my own sins of slander *feels* like ? Like I don't know how much more I racked up during my last go round as a member of SGI Boston? I know-- and certainly you and Mark know-- it hurts so-ooooo GOOD!

      I'm grateful to be in good company, finally! Real votaries of the Lotus Sutra are indeed few in number and more precious than all of the treasures in the universe !


    14. Excellent Katie. True and encouraging.

    15. Excellent Katie. True and encouraging.

    16. katie, sgi is in denial about nichirens experience. and we know why. i will reread your last comment here. i may, or may not feel the need to say anything that rogow has already said.

      right now, only this one thing: the sgi/nst zenshu gosho titles nichirens writing " the opening of the eyes", fair enough!
      in the noppa edition, which uses a more legitimate source, titles it "open your eyes".......... the former sounds GENERAL, and the latter sounds SPECIFIC. in other word...YOU open your eyes. the sgi /nst has always, arrogantly assumed nichiren was talking about someone else. stupidity for days!

      both shakyamuni and nichiren taught that one who even tries to uphold the L S in the evil age will be dispised. tra la la tra la la.

  7. one would think that ikeda would stand up like a man and truthfully communicate with his so-called beloved members!

    ikeda is a low-life prick.

  8. Great conversation! Thanks boys and girls.