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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The cult org. arrested my personal growth and shackled me to superstition and wishful thinking.

The Dear Leader's attitude and behavior rolls down the hill to cult org. "leaders" and is modeled by them. Truly caring for the feelings of others is something that Ikeda only does for show (e.g., his common hand over heart gesture when giving thanks) or to further his cult org. empire.

Re: full potential and growth 

The cult org. arrested my personal growth and shackled me to superstition and wishful thinking. Full potential and growth only came after breaking away from the chains of the gakkai cult org.. 


On that related theme: 

"Disordered leaders" were the worst kind, because they are scared about screwing things up and falling short (which is of course, exactly what they are doing) in the eyes of their own "leaders" and take things out on their "members" or anyone below them in the process. There were lots of them. 

Unfortunately, I have had experience on both sides of the door whenever The Dear Leader blew into town. As a too young kid, I was once dragged along to a meeting with the fishing line that if my fortune permitted it, I might be able to get into The Dear Leader meeting with my parent (despite not having a ticket). It didn't happen and I was left standing on the outside of the World Culture Center (WCC) in Santa Monica being shooed away from the back door by Soka-han blue coats, along with other abandoned fortune babies whose hardcore parents had similar thwarted plans, left to wander about the open back parking lot (this was well before the marble Ikeda Auditorium was built over it) in the darkness for a few hours. (I was pretty sincere, too and it bummed me out that my so-called "fortune" was good enough to allow me passage.) 

So, I practiced harder, eventually gaining access to the other side of the door and closer proximity to The Dear Leader at future events/activities over the years. Well, long story short, it was an eventual let down, because as I've stated before on this mb, I personally found that Ikeda exuded all the warmth that you feel getting close to a greasy sausage; the magic never really transfered completely over to my mind and psyche as it appears to have done with others (thank goodness). 

It's my personal opinion and observation that all the "leaders", even the top ones (Williams / Sadanaga included) are essentially afraid of "Pres" Ikeda and fight amongst themselves for the best positions around him to remain in his good graces. This applies all the way up and down the cult org. "leadership" ladder, too. As I've also mentioned before, I once witnessed GMW groveling to $oka Gakkai Cult Vice Pres. (and Executive Director to $GI-USA --> translation = Ikeda's personal enforcer) Wada in an attempt to please / impress him. Wada barely even acknowledged him and couldn't have cared less. It was a shocking and eye opening "experience" for me. 

I've seen way too much ugliness in the gakkai cult org. to ever respect or tolerate it anymore in my life. People should do themselves a favor by getting as far away as possible from this toxic dysfunctional pseudo-Buddhist cult and its lying manipulative ways. -- Hitch

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