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Friday, July 15, 2016

"This land of mine is peaceful and secure." -- Lotus Sutra Chapter 16


  1. What is the measurement of your Honzon ? I assume it is oversized and does not fit a contemporary Butsudan.

  2. "What is the measurement of your Honzon ? I assume it is oversized and does not fit a contemporary Butsudan."

    By Honzon, do you mean the reproduction of mandala inscribed by Nichiren, that is pictured above?

    If so it is odd that you drop the honorific "Go" prefix, are you disparaging the mandala inscriped by Nichiren and reproduced here by referning to it as Honzon rather than Gohonzon, as wpuld be more customary of someone who claims to be a Nichiren Shoshu believer?

    On you're point regarding whether it fits into a the Butsudan (Buddha Box), I've no idea how big this might be but you should be aware that not all Nichiren practitioners feel the need to contain the mandala in a box.

    That's mainly a practice associated with NST and that weird new age outfit that NST gave birth to and legitimised. I think that latter ragtag band of mentor followers might still nominally mumble to a scroll, though why they don't just enshrine a pic of their resident (but recently conspicuously absent) pet celebrity, rather than a mandala beats me. For the devoted, it's all about sensei, whilst they're mumbling and there's often a pet celebrity pic on their altars anyhow, so why not just move it all the way to centre stage? Might as well.

    NST have a lot to answer for, birthing and raising a child it didn't raise well and couldn't control. Poor parenting, it's the old story and responsible for too much of woe in the world... some sects just shouldn't have kids.

  3. especially since it was inscribed by nichiren.

  4. Great points Mudpie. A crooked tree always produces a crooked shadow