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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Types of leadership

According to the great sociologist, Max Weber, "On the basis of the belief in legitimacy, there are three ideal types of rulership: traditional, charismatic, and legal rulership." 

Traditional leadership (rulership) is the belief of the people in a traditional routine, the most important aspect being patriarchalism. This is the rulership system of monarchs. 

"The second type of leadership is termed charismatic rulership whereby charisma is rationalized through methodical and codified means, it is called 'virtuoso charisma. '" This is the leadership rationale in the Soka Gakkai and fascism. 

Lastly, there is legal leadership which is most often based on a constitution or other impersonal laws. Pure Democracy, Republicanism and even Communism are examples of a legal leadership, according to Weber. 

The type of leadership taught in the Lotus Sutra and by Nichiren, is a type of legal leadership. It is a system based on the Buddha's Law whose constitution is the Lotus Sutra and whose articles are the writings of Nichiren Daishonin. Those who most closely demonstrate a bodily reading of the Lotus Sutra are leaders. Nichiren teaches that, should these persons be priests, they are to be High Ministers to the secular leader whose authority too, is based on a bodily reading of the Lotus Sutra

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