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Monday, August 8, 2016

Clown Hidden long time Eagle Peak critic and SGI backer

"I don't expect much but I do expect to get what I came for. I don't know what a cult is I can't claim to understand the finer points of philosophy. They say they are a peace organization. Other than some guady self promotion I don't see anything. There isn't any social or political leadership. I know that it counts how people feel but it almost seems that if I sent a dollar Green Peace or the NRA I'd done more for peace. It's emarrassing when anybody talks about how great we are unless we're a sports team or a teenage rock band. There is such a structured program it may as well all came from one person. It's almost as if you can't say anything but what they want you to say. And if you do the responses are canned phrases, or a sympathetic nod. If some one can't talk to someone they disagree with except to avoid any real discussion at any level. What does dialog mean? I know peace means world wide what I say. What do they really say? If you stand with them you can have any flavor sunshine you want."


  1. " If you stand with them you can have any flavor sunshine you want."

    This, needless to say is not what one would call, a *spiritual path*; hardly what one would call *Buddhism*--- but it is absolutely what SGI stands for; a fortune spent on their PR, marketing and fund raising campaigns has spread this message far and wide.

    Now, if there are no admonitions from the Buddha, regarding misleading others on the pretext that *your preferred flavor of sunshine* IS the goal of Buddhist practice and specifically, the *teachings of Nichiren*, whom, for some reason SGI still wants to include in the *bill of sale*; yes, IF there is nothing in the True teachings of the Lotus Sutra that Nichiren expounded and propagated to indicate that one is doing harm to oneself and others by *changing and distorting* his teachings--- well, it's ALL GOOD>

    Except there are explicit teachings expounded by Nichiren, straight from the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha's golden words that are clear warnings against distorting and changing the teachings....

    Ay! there's the rub !! Recruiting people to spend countless kalpas in the Avichi hell is the only flavor SGI has to offer. I don't think there is ANY sunshine there.


  2. If i may be so kind as to make a little observation...How can there be any sunshine when every SGI member has his head where the sun doesn't shine?

  3. mark, maybe you should post some of the real ugly stuff he wrote to you and i(mostly u).

    not really, it is too ugly. lol

    hello doing?

  4. He is forgiven as far as I'm concerned. Not sure the Buddha and Nichiren have forgiven him. Let's see how his life turns out in this life and the next. Hopefully he will come to highly respect Nichiren and attain Buddhahood in this life.

  5. poison-drum. forgiveness is a good thing, however, there is nowhere to hide from cause and effect.