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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"I'm not feeling the SGI"

  • #9 | Written by deedee about 8 months ago.
    I’m new to buddhism and find it interesting that I can feel nam myoho renge kyo in my heart but I’m not feeling the SGI org. Is it ok to just practice alone and self teach? I was introduced to buddhism and then as quickly was left out to fend for myself which I guess is ok. I do have books, I chant, but seems there is something missing.
  • #10 | Written by rainbowday about 4 months ago.
    I truly appreciate finding and reading this post and the comments. I feel saddened, but supported by the observations re District overload, not being consulted, top-down administration, in-group appointment, appointment of MD leaders at all costs, and other counter-intuitive (not to mention counter-Buddhist) SGI organizational policy. I practiced with the SGI for 30 years–through famine-feast, drought-flood, plague-wellness, disaster and more. Until the last cycle of leadership rearrangement. It seems to me that SGI continually puts the emphasis on the wrong sy-la’-ble. CEC wonders why we can’t keep members, without asking fundamental questions. Why do people leave? Fundamentally and historically the SGI-USA has put the emphasis on structure, form and growth, i.e. numbers. Last year’s emphasis on 4-Divisional leadership, even where there were no possible candidates, and this year’s call for “Champion Districts” are prime examples. Despite everything Nichiren taught about it being “the heart that matters,” SGI can’t seem to catch on that measurement of growth is internal, and that teaching the law to others is not a campaign, but a natural, predictable outcome of the joy of experiencing the benefit of practice. Alas, conformity, counting and control reign in an organization that claims to foster equality, empowerment and enlightenment.


    1. of course history has produced many evil priests. everyone knows this or at least should know this. the lotus sutra predicts this so it should be no surprise.

      what separates priest or monks from laymen and laywomen is the profound vow priests pledge allegiance to. the business suited leaders(priests) of the sgi and the phony robed priests who tun their backs on what is right, make or carry through with no such vow. why? because their faith is rotten to the core. to practice as a lay person in the latter age is extremely rough. for a true priest it is excruciating. most cannot.

      1. nichiren was under a death sentence from the first day that he declared there was only slander of the lotus sutra. he pissed off everyone. they tried several times to end his no avail.

        nevertheless, from the day he declared his faith, a death sentence was his to bare.