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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Japan to be hit by third powerful hurricane this week.


  1. Final guidance and wrap up for the FNCC Summer of back to back Mentor/Disciple conferences:

    " EVACUATE !!"


  2. As you know, Mark, SGI members are encouraged to share their experiences of their visits to the SGIkeda Resort, the FNCC, nestled in Florida's beautiful Everglades. A few years back, a WD Region leader, who was a friend of mine, shared her experience at the FNCC with me-- to *encourage* me.

    This SGI- USA WD leader told me about a particularly challenging day for those attending a conference on *connecting with the vision of Sensei* around this time a few years back. She said they awoke to overcast skies and frowns from the conference leaders who insisted everyone CHANT like the WD members in Japan CHANT for beautiful weather whenever Senei is planning a visit to their local area. This directive was issued as a challenge to PROVE the conference participant's sincerity seeking to connect with the heart of their Mentor, Daisaku Ikeda , who happened to be the central focus of their conference.

    So, the story goes, the skies cleared, and the sun began to shine. However, as I reported to my WD leader friend, a short distance away from the FNCC, storms ravaged through several small towns in Florida. Her response was to reiterate the CHANTING success; blue skies at the FNCC, accomplished by her co-participants in relation to the guidance they were given. And what did she have to say when I asked her about those unfortunate Floridians who were cleaning up the damages of the storm that *missed the FNCC*. ?

    She replied, "They should CHANT. And maybe sharing this experience will encourage THEM to join SGI".

    Maybe a direct hit from a storm on the FNCC will encourage many to leave the SGI and encourage even more NOT to join the SGI. ??

    One often wonders just what it will take to awaken our friends, with whom we once shared a bond of trust based on sincere seeking hearts and minds for the teachings of Nichiren--

    I may be accused of all sorts of nefarious character traits and accused of wanting disaster to befall-- anyone. but, really, I just want the final guidance and wrap up of the SGI-USA to be:


    Because I truly care about the members and *the people* in our country-- and throughout the world--


  3. In the Gosho, "The royal Palace" written to Shijo Kingo (1275)
    (The Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonmin, vol 3 p. 52}

    Nichiren states: "Aside fro the agony which awaits slanderers in the next life, I have enjoined Bonten, Taishaku, the gods of the sun and moon, and the Four Heavenly Kings to punish in this life those who have become enemies of the Lotus Sutra, as a warning for the people. You will see by the results of my prediction whether I, Nichiren, am the votary of the Lotus Sutra or not."

    Of course the warning would have to be an event linked directly to those for whom one requires a warning against. In the same Gosho in this older Gakkai translation (1985) the passage referring to the *unanswered prayers of Shijo's wife provokes some thought regarding the difference between the way an *enemy* is perceived, which it would seem Nichiren says is a matter of one's *faith*--in the teachings in addition to the daimoku itself.

    " "No matter how much she may believe in the Lotus Sutra, I doubt that she hates its enemy as much as she would a courtesan".

    Emphasizing the difference between Shijo's practice of faith and his wife's, Nichiren says :

    "Explain to her that thoroughly that she herself should discard the Nembutsu and the Ritsu teachings once and for all, and to the full extent of her ability teach others to do the same, just as you yourself have carried out your faith steadfastly even despite others' hatred."

    It seems to me that Nichiren is saying a votary of the Lotus Sutra perceives the magnitude of evil caused by an enemy of the Lotus Sutra, while those in the beginning stages of developing faith in the Lotus Sutra would arouse more animosity towards a *courtesan* [ a likely response from married woman- in this case, Shijo's wife] ; Nichigen-nyo would hate a courtesan more thna those who distort or betray the Buddha's teachings. -- He was originally addressing the concerns Nichigen-nyo had over "her prayers not being answered"

    So, here we see Nichiren distinguishing between a *votary of the Lotus Sutra*-- who will as the sutra teaches "have all his prayers fulfilled and receive protection from the Buddhist gods"-- and a believer who may not have her prayers answered.

    Whenever I study this Gosho, I never fail to to note that perceiving the true enemies of the Lotus Sutra, identifying them and arousing animosity towards them is correct practice--. this always raises eyebrows-- and is considered *non-Buddhist*-- which is why we have to follow the next chapters of the story...

    The transformation of the animosity appears to be a function of the forbearance one will have to develop if one persists, as Nichiren taught, and Shijo believed. - It is persevering through the hardships and persecution one will encounter when confronting enemies of the Lotus Sutra that produces *actual proof*-- and the difficulty of sustaining faith and continuing to this level is the reason there are so few who can uphold this teaching and call himself/herself a votary of the Lotus Sutra.

    For the warning to occur, then we have to have at least ONE votary of the Lotus Sutra in America.

    I Believe we do meet the criteria for seeing those who have become enemies of the Lotus Sutra; those at the very Top in SGI USA leadership; those enemies will incur punishment ; a mercy for them, and a warning for the people. I believe there is at least one votary of the Lotus Sutra in America--. I predict we will see the evidence --- sooner rather than later...