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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Scorn and contempt for Nichiren [SGI and Nichiren Shu]

"...or persons who, though they practice the Lotus Sutra as the sutra itself directs, treat the votary of the Lotus Sutra with scorn and contempt—all such persons as these, when their present life comes to an end, will, the Buddha assures us, enter the Avīchi hell." 


  1. Why don't they come here to refute us? Because they can't.

  2. I can't even get a long time friend, a very dear friend in fact, to *debate* even the doctrines of the SGI--.

    She has practiced about 35 years-- is a WD Region Leader, who sent me a copy of "The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra"-- vol. 5-- wanting to study *together* the Never Disparaging Chapter of the Lotus sutra-- as per Ikeda's guidance in print in this SGI study manual.

    When I challenged Ikeda's *wisdom* she had to *end discussion with me*-- had to remind me that *my negativity* would only cause me more suffering and that I was turning down a golden opportunity to study with her, because she is caring for *new members*-- letting me make a cause that I cannot make because SGI Boson gave me the boot.

    Debate is like a cross to a vampire with most SGI leaders-- Odd, that somehow, they believe Ikeda *took care of all that for them*-- have you ever heard of a more non-Buddhist attitude?

    They don't need to engage in no stinking debate!!

    I am still reeling from the shock----