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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SGI leaders were legends in their own minds by Robin Beck

"I started in a sort of rural area too. They called us an ‘outlying area.’ Our activities were self motivated and at a natural pace for where lived. We started growing; which attracted the attention of the nearest urban activity center. We started getting a lot advice and encouragement to step up the pace; among other things. In the minds of some ‘senior’ leaders, we were not getting the right kind of benefits. There was always a lot of talk about leading incredible or amazing lives and showing lots of what they saw as actual proof. Some of the leaders were very aggressive, too ‘pushy.’ They were also authorities on everything Buddhist and legends in their own minds. I got sick of hearing 'that is not Buddhism’ or 'True Buddhism is about …’ Also, the goals they set for ‘shakubuku’ were grossly unrealistic. I tried to be a good follower and finally just got burnt out on it. There was way too much high drama." -- Robin"


  1. Drama Yes

    Buddhism? Not so much.

    The best way to discern with clarity, how little Buddhism figures into the SGI's corporate platform, is to practice according to Nichiren's writings alone-- only his teachings, and all by yourself. Then reflect on discussion meetings, activities and guidance-- Not even close!!

    With no background in Buddhism; with no education based on Buddhism; there is no way any *SGI member* can gauge what they are into. There is no point of comparison and strong admonitions against seeking any--

    I think Robin also noted the hypocrisy in SGIs so-called, stance against authoritarian religions-- LOL-- They forbid their members from finding out about them.

    The longer one stays "With" SGI, the sicker one gets--


  2. absolutely true katie. initial no way to gauge. the current and flow of the sgi/nst river is(for most) too strong.

    still, the lotus sutra and its emissary for the latter age, nichiren, censor everything the sects(sgi/nst/shu) live and breath.

    in the end, it is the peoples karma. for the long timers the poison has penetrated deeply.

    intellectually robin beck is strong. faith and real practice......weak.

  3. Anyone who rejects Nichiren, the True Votary of the Lotus Sutra has his head screwed on backwards.