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Monday, August 15, 2016

The Lotus Sutra states, "He will be banished again and again."

I have been banished from reddit SGIWHISTLEBLOWERS; E-Sangha; Fraught  With Peril; Kempon Hokke Facebook; The Kempon Hokke Community I began on Beliefnet; several Yahoo Groups such as SGIunofficial, Nichirenindependent Sangha, and the Nichiren Shu Yahoo Group; and all Nichiren Shoshu temples and SGI "Buddhist" Centers in the world. I have also once been fired for my beliefs. Nichiren teaches:

"One who has not conceived a desire for the way can never free oneself from the sufferings of birth and death. Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, was cursed by all the followers of non-Buddhist teachings and labeled as a man of great evil. The Great Teacher T’ien-t’ai was regarded with intense enmity by the three schools of the south and seven schools of the north, and Tokuitsu of Japan criticized him for using his three-inch tongue to try to destroy the five-foot body of the Buddha. The Great Teacher Dengyō was disparaged by the priests of Nara, who said, “Saichō has never been to the capital of T’ang China!” But all of these abuses were incurred because of the Lotus Sutra, and they are therefore no shame to the men who suffered them. To be praised by fools—that is the greatest shame. Now that I, Nichiren, have incurred the wrath of the authorities, the priests of the Tendai and True Word schools are no doubt delighted. They are strange and shameless men."


  1. Congratulations Mark, you are bigger than they. Their capacity to comprehend Nichiren is equal to their tolerance of those who stand up for the Lotus Sutra

    You are following the lineage of Shakyamuni Buddha,the Great Teacher T’ien-t’ai,the Great Teacher Dengyō,and Nichiren

  2. Shakubuku and eradicating slander will activate the dynamic forces of the universe to prove the Sutra correct.

  3. Trading rocks for gold !!

    Such has been my experience with being banished and black listed for speaking out against slander-- in SGI and in society. During the past 6 years, since I incurred the wrath of the power brokers at a world renowned Harvard affiliated children's hospital, and my third excommunication form SGI Boston, I have encountered and received the utmost respect from genuine, sincere professionals who are furthering the cause to expose and end the most egregious form of child abuse in our country. Being amongst and working alongside people of such good will and ability is truly beyond my ability to express using mere words....

    I have also had the good fortune to meet and assist family's who truly had nowhere to turn in the midst of their agonizing ordeals, and whose gratitude makes all of my losses pale in comparison to the benefit of having willing made many sacrifices to uphold the Law.

    Last, but NOT least, I have encountered like minded good friends in faith who fully comprehend the most joyful aspects of upholding the Law and how difficult it is to convince fellow practitioners to believe in the practice of shakubuku -- this gives me great hope that the dynamic forces of the universe are being activated and many will gain benefit for this actual proof of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Buddhism.

    Excellent, Mark-- truly !!


  4. You are all a bunch of Soka Gakkai heretics who are banned and rejected from seeing the Dai Gohonzon.

    You are all banned from entering Taisekiji Head Temple or viewing the sacred Nichiren ceremonies. Not even President Ikeda can save you savages from the hell of incessant suffering. Impostors of the Lotus Sutra is what you are.

    1. Hey Dirham, why don't you join your buddies Chas, Richard & Julian over on ARBN, they need a fourth member for their boy band and they really could use some help.

      Not that you'd be that much help but they could use the company, loniness is setting in. With your SGI background, I'm sure you'd fit right in & any tips on how to handle the Dai-Gohonzon issue would really be appreciated. They're really struggling with that at the moment - something about Daisaku Ikeda upholding faith in it for 41 years and telling everyone to do the same before getting kicked out and then telling everyone it was fake all along 25 years later.

      You seem confused, they seem confused, the SGI ARBN boy band seems confused, I'd say you'd got a lot in common.

      But if you want not to be confused and get a bit of clarity, you're always welcome here but you'll have to leave your Dai-Gohonzon at the door and try to do thr same with your SGI mental habits :)

  5. Sounds like Dirham's been reading his Shoshu Super Hero comic books again 🙀


  6. The "Boy Band" over at ARBN could use a kazoo player, though I think Dirham's talent lies more in whoopee cushion sound effects....

    Ahhhh- the joys of an unmoderated sites...

    arf arf !!


  7. True Katie...hmmm they need a good boyband name though... "Wrong Direction" or "Take That Mentor" or perhaps "The Backwards Boyz" or how about "Slammin Slander". Unfortunately what the do is no joke but shrinking them with humour is one way to cut them down to size.

  8. How 'bout: "Stoned Temple Prophets" ??
    -- in the literal sense ;-)

  9. or maybe, "Stoned Temple Pirates" ??

    Speaking of those who defame, curse and banish the votaries of the Lotus Sutra-- Who are THEY? First and foremost, the SGI, whose so-called leaders cannot even defend the teachings of their Mentor, Daisaku Ikeda.

    "The people of today, [SGI] however, believe the pronouncements of their own teachers to be the golden words of the Thus Come One. Thus they place such pronouncements on the same level as the Lotus Sutra, considering the two to be of equal authority; or they regard these teachings as superior to the Lotus Sutra; or they reason that though their teacher’s pronouncements are inferior they are well suited to the capacity of the people." [SGI's *Interfaith*- and material gain teachings appeal to the lower herd instincts of the people]

    Access to this quote may be viewed in its full context- minus my [brackets] at the link below.