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Monday, August 15, 2016

They drink poison for their mentor

"NSA members were absolutely certain that Williams would become Ikeda's successor to the presidency in some near future scenario. Williams and Ikeda were tight! They were the only lay leaders allowed to lead the procession when the Dai-gohonzon was transfered into the Shohohdo in '72. The very next year, Williams and Ikeda stood shoulder to shoulder, sharing the podium at the shohondo convention in '73. Time after time, members saw how close Williams was to Ikeda, and they believed that Ikeda trusted and loved Williams just as much as Williams loved and trusted Ikeda. And yet, the members meekly accepted Williams getting thrown under the bus by Ikeda. I think that if Ikeda ever pulled a Jim Jones move and told his devotees to drink poison, they would willing and unquestioningly obey their mentor master." -- cultalert


  1. " I think that if Ikeda ever pulled a Jim Jones move and told his devotees to drink poison, they would willing and unquestioningly obey their mentor master."

    This has already occurred ! Ikeda mixed the poison of the mentor/disciple relationship with the toxins of the Nichikan Gohonzon added both to the fruit punch of the "New Human Revolution", which is being drunk by his disciples in 192 countries throughout the world.

    I think it is obvious that the American values of *freedom and due process* were not those of Daisaku Ikeda. I think it is obvious that the corpora foundation Daisaku Ikeda was laying in the U.S. prefacing his agenda post ex-communication from NST would not have been supported by George Williams.

    It is a shame that NSA members stood silent in the wake of Ikeda's humiliating George Williams, but it is also a shame that Mr. Williams himself did not outright oppose and expose Mr. Ikeda.

    We should carefully ponder this lesson...


  2. "Among the children, having drunk the poison,
    there are some who have lost their original minds
    and some who have not lost them
    Seeing their father from afar, they all rejoice greatly
    and, bowing and kneeling, made inquiry:
    'Well have you returned in safety.
    We are foolish and stupid
    and by mistake have swallowed poison drugs.
    We request that you cure us and give us further life.'
    The father seeing the children in agony like this,
    seeks according to various prescriptions
    good medicinal plants which all are fully endowed
    with color, fragrance, and beautiful taste,
    and pounding and sifting, he combines them
    and gives it to his children and has them swallow it,
    pronouncing these words: This great excellent medicine
    is all fully endowed
    with color, fragrance, and beautiful taste.
    You should swallow it.
    It will rapidly eliminate your agonizing sufferings
    and you will have no sorrows." Those
    among the various children who have not lost their minds
    see that this excellent medicine is good in both color and
    fragrance and at once swallow this,
    their illness is completely eliminated and they are cured.
    As to the remainder who have lost their minds,
    although on seeing their father coming
    they also rejoice and make inquiries
    and request him to heal their illness,
    yet when he gives them the medicine,
    they are unwilling to swallow it.
    What is the reason? It was
    because, since the influence of poison has penetrated
    deeply and has made them lose their original minds, they
    said to themselves about this medicine with good color
    and fragrancethat it is not beautiful. The father forms this
    thought: 'These children should be pitied, ruined by the
    poison, their minds are all wrong-headed.
    Although they saw me and rejoiced
    and sought to be saved and cured,
    a good medicine such as this
    they were not willing to swallow.
    I now am going to set up an expedient
    to cause them to swallow this medicine.'
    Thereupon, he speaks these words:
    'You should know i am now decrepit and old
    and the time of my death has already arrived.
    This good, excellent medicine now I leave here. You should take and swallow it.
    Do not worry that you will not be cured.'
    Having given these instructions,
    he again goes to another country.
    He sends a messenger to return and announce:
    Your father is already dead.' At that time the children
    having heard that their father has departed in death,
    are greatly troubled in mind and form this recollection:
    'If our father were here, he would take pity upon us
    and save and protect us. Now he has left us
    and died in another country far away.'
    They think themselves to be orphaned and exposed
    and to have no further refuge.
    Ever nourishing sad feelings, their minds at last awaken
    and they recognize this medicine
    was beautiful in color and fragrance, and taste
    and at once take and swallow it.
    The illnesses from the poison are all cured.
    When the father hears that the children
    were already able to be cured, he then comes back shortly
    all lets all of them see him. Good sons!.
    How is it in your opinions: could there be a person who
    could declare this excellent physician
    guilty of vain falsehood or not?' 'No World Honored One.'
    The Buddha said, 'I am also like this:
    since I attained Buddhahood,
    it has been immeasurable, boundless
    hundreds of thousands of myriads of tens of millions
    of nayutas of asamkheyas of kalpas.
    For the sake of beings, by the power of expedience
    I say, 'I am about to become extinct.'
    Yet again there are none who can
    declare according to the Dharma
    that I am guilty of vain falsehood."

    As you and Mudpie said, the poison of mentor and disciple, Nichiren as True Buddha, Nichikan No-Honzon, Nam instead of Namu, Shakyamuni as cast off Buddha, Lotus Sutra having lost its power, personal guidance etc...

  3. GMW died a scared and lonely man. ikeda is a very scary man. GMW had what amounts to a nervous breakdown sometime around late 90's. secretly trying to get support , using his words, "to get his organization back". ask brian potter of nsa/sgi gakkai song fame and wealthy nsa/sgi donor.

    yes, its true that all the old-time members(except the backstabbing staff), tell wonderful, loving stories, over on the GMW Facebook page, about how great GMW was. meanwhile to a man, they stood by and did or said nothing in favor of a man that refused to learn more than three words in english(over 50 years), ikeda senseless.

    and then there are a few , like dave cole who still cum every time they hear GMW's name. it's ok to completely destroy the real faith and teachings of buddhism, but what you've done to GMW i going too far.

    there has to be a joke somewhere here!

  4. I think it should be noted from from the inception of the SGI, the focus on following *persons* has corrupted the faith of members who cannot *part with the organization*--

    There have been and are currently multiple opportunities to challenge the rotten roots of the SGI-- but now members are so brainwashed about *their mentor* and *his supreme role in their lives* that they don't see the organization went from bad to worse--- though ex-members who decided to follow Nichiren have a very compelling counter narrative to the SGI smoke and mirrors *benefit* stories-- THESE ex-members are on the SGI- USA's C.E.C top administrator's *taboo* list--

    Same as it ever was----

    There are many different ways to convey a message---:-)