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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Can Bodhisattvas of the Earth possibly be brainwashed? Can the brainwashed possibly be Bodhisattvas of the Earth?

Someone wrote, explaining why Ikeda accepted the priests doctrines for so long: “Ikeda wanted to “fight” and argue for the correctness of his views but he was over-ruled by the other leaders, and saw that any fight would lead to mass defections of members and could well be a victory for authoritarianism, so he gave in. The leaders and members simply were convinced that if the priests said it was so it was so.”

The Lion of Soka gave in to his subordinates? He cared about mass defections? Do puppets control the puppet master? Soka puppets had no powers of discernment and were brainwashed by the Nichiren Shoshu priests? Can Bodhisattvas of the Earth possibly be brainwashed? Can the brainwashed possibly be Bodhisattvas of the Earth?


  1. Daisaku " hesitated" at a crucial moment - not willing to incite his own personal " risk is more likely his reasoning -- but then , he had no real connection to Nichiren's teachings , preferring instead to bask in the " mundane" achievements gained by appealing to the " minds" of the defeated, beleaguered Post-war Japanese people-- which was the foundation laid by Nichiren Shoshu adherent , Josei Toda.

    Daisaku Ikeda has consistently acted with sole regard for his own image, status and comfort. As do his minions who claim to be " protecting the members " when they lie, cheat and then steal the members' $$.

    So while weakened , ignorant people are easy targets for brainwashing , proven by the SGIkeda,,

    the emergence of bodhisattvas of the earth from the ranks of ex and expelled SGI members is actual proof that, NO, bodhisattvas of the earth can NOT be brainwashed --

    And we can 💃Dance, too 🎀


  2. i didn't know if you saw this.
    greg romeroSeptember 25, 2016 at 1:57 PM
    mark, i got a phone call recently from rose m in hawaii. i knew when i saw her name on my phone that something had happened because she was kind of mad at me. she told me that her husband, joey castillo had drowned. he was quite a bit younger than she. she told me that although she herself does not wish to argue......she knows that you, shinkei, and i act as a parent in this saha world. other than that she is doing well and thinking of moving back to the mainland.

    the last time i saw her was three years ago. we had a meeting at my house with several people and the priest shinkei.

    namu myoho renge kyo @ rose and joey castillo.

  3. It seems like the more money you have in SGI, the more important you are in their eyes. Abe wants to extend his premiership and komeito is behind him. How spiritual is that? Most SGI people deny Fukushima's deadly initial and continuing ramifications. It is very hard. I have seen what has ha0pened to the Ukraine since Chernobyl. Crooks just raping the country. It is sad

    1. All the sects. The Kempon Hokke fawns all over the CEO of Toyota and his wife

    2. Lest we forget the point of the post- :the brainwashed are the weak who are exploited by those who are even weaker--Absoultely noting in common with the bodhisattvas of the earth-

      Some people were actually hurt or at least their feelings were hurt, by the *ill treatment* they received from SGI-- instead of feeling grateful NOT to have been praised by fools.


  4. I have seen way too many kids in SGI pushed too hard to achieve, succeed, and win. Same in japan. Instead of succeeding they end up exploding or imploding. This is not spiritual at all. People really setting their kids on a path of self-destruction. No heart, common-sense, or good parenting skills used in those instances. Very unsavory and sometimes dangerous. Kids that end up leading hellisg lives because, of poor parenting an d the anger that accompanies it.