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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Delusional Tim


  1. Having watched this against my better judgement, I left it feeling rather sad for Tim and wondering if he was always this damaged or whether his growing up in a toxic SGI environment from aged 8 contributed to that.

    What lessins dies he seemed to have learned? To kid himself that what he is doing is all about promoting human potential and a better world, when it's clear that he is just using the SGI belief system to sell concert tickets, sell CD's further his career and self promote. That seems to be the key thing that this kid growing up learned from SGI, that it's OK to do that.

    He certainly nailled it when he talked about when tge slee h had been given and tgat even in the 1950's Daisaku Ikeda was laying the ground work to split from Nichiren Shoshu, it's probably the most honest bit of the video. But the question of whether it is acceptable and right to knowingly use another organisation,in thus case NST, for the express purpose of just growing your own, seems to have passed him by.

    His take is that "yeah,that's OK. We needed them at that time but we knew we didn't want priests or NST, we'd just go along with them for as long as we needed to to get our numbers". Its usuary, parasitic and totally lacking in any intgrity.

    That SGI effect seems to be deeply embedded in him. I guess what gies around comes around. SGI and Daisaku can use the priests to grow an organisation and get rich by pretending to believe what they teach and pretending to support them, I can do the same woth SGI and it's messages of personal empowerment, world peace blah blah blah.

    That's the SGI's downfall though. Because so many have learned exactly those kinds of things, tge wuse leave or stay away and the rest will take tge org abd rach other for as much as they can get AND they will be skillful and accomplished in doing that with maximim polished BS. Result - no SGI and most kikely scandals already made or in the making, just ready to see the light of day at the right moment. I predict a serial Tsunami of those that the SGI media machine simpmy won't be able to contend with.

    The Day The SGI Stood Still (and never moved again)

    Coming to a Theater near you soon - Directed by Daisaku, Starring Dausaku, Produced Daisaku on belalf of the by the Nameless, Insignificant, Crowd Milked Minions, Co Starring Nobody Worth Mentioning, Cast A host of bit part players all picked so they don't upstage Daisaku. Lead villain Iva Dunnabadthing and Soundtrack by Scary Eyes Janos

  2. Thanks Mudpie for your excellent analysis.