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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Original Buddhas and ORIGINAL BUDDHAS?

"All SGI members are Original Buddhas from the remotest past who function as Bodhisattvas of the Earth" -- Keiko "Kuku" Kubo SGI YWD National Leader

Apparently, there are original SGI Buddhas from the remotest past and ORIGINAL SGI BUDDHAS from the remotest past and that's why some SGI "Buddhas"seek guidance while other SGI "BUDDHAS" give guidance.


  1. Yeah don't look to hard for SGI promoteaching to hang together. Just kick the tires and if they've got signs of having air in them (or the SGI second hand auto sales person tells you they have), just hamd over your wad of notes and sign your lifetime away and the rust heap is yours...just don't expect to drive it off the lot...

    "going towards enlightenment? Lool...sure...It'll get you there...just get in and I'll tell you the story of your remotest past, (whilst you go nowhere fast)...but that'll be a subscription and a monthly money order on top of what you've already compensate my time you understand, for as long as this SGI story lasts...(and it will last a loooonnng time) once upon a time there was a wandering (uneducated, wannabe rich) medicant called Taisaku...soon the be reincarnated as don't remember but you were both born together in another life in a galaxy far, far away, you were called Darth and he was called did great things, using the great Force of Life to strike back against the forces of evil and corruption that threatened to unsettle the order of free trade across the universe...but that was just the last incarnation in a long list of myriad life times...are you sitting comfortably? Let me take you through each one...Now the time before that the great Emperor DaisakuTaisaku and his foremost noble follower, you...well..."

    Decades later

    "...and so you've actually been an original buddha all along, just sitting here with me on the SGIAuto's® lot is the pinnacle of enlightenment. Since whilst we've been speaking you've donated $$$$ to our (non)movement for (taking the) peace, culture (should be "couture", favourite among our top paid leaders - but you know what our ropey translations are like) and education (which is what I've been doing), you've reached grade 10 on our enlightenment scale. There are another 20 levels (we're adding more) and for a small increase in monthly contribution and if you join the sales force too, we can move you up further...sales are easy,therecs no product to learn about and you know the story...even that doesn't really can make anything up, so long as you follow a few simple rules and keep the money coming in...if you get really good at it, we might move you off the enlightenment scale vwhich is fir suckers anyhow) and we start paying you..."

  2. Could somebody please explain how and why "original Buddhas" are born into the Saha world ? And why these " Buddhas" have so little to offer all living beings here In The Saha world ?


  3. The difference between Original Buddhas, Manifestation, and Reward Body Buddhas is the vast beginning of their Enlightenment. Still all Buddhas, whether recently Enlightened or Enlightened in the remote past are emanations of Shakyamuni Buddha of the Juryo chapter of the Lotus Sutra. Votaries of the Lotus Sutra certainly are Original Buddhas when manifesting Pure and Perfect Enlightenment. Not so votaries of Ikeda.