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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Nichiren on the Secret Law of the High Sanctuary

"When it comes to the altar of the precept, it will be when the laws of the state become subsidiary to those of the Dharma of the Buddha and the laws of the sovereign are in harmony with the Buddha's teaching. The sovereign and his ministers will hold to the three esoterically inaccessible dharmas, so that King Utoku and the Bikkhu Kakutoku of ancient times will be transported to the future. Then, through a royal decree and an edict from the Patriarch, would they not then visit the most high and eminent slope, which resembles the pure land of Vulture Peak, and establish the altar of the precept?

It is only a matter of waiting for when the time is ripe. (This is what is called the Dharma of the altar of the precept in practical terms). Not only in India, China, and Japan, but throughout the world of mankind, there has never been a Dharma of the altar of the precept where people could remorsefully repent and clear away their sins. It will be an altar of the precept where such Universal Deva Kings as Bonten (Brahmā) and Taishaku will descend to earth and place their feet upon the mount where it stands." -- The Three Great Secret Laws

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