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Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Nichiren said that but meant this" -- SGI

“Setting aside the next life, as a warning to people in this life, I have enjoined the heavenly lords Brahma and Shakra, the gods of the sun and moon, and the four heavenly kings to punish those who have become enemies of the Lotus Sutra. You will see by the results of my prediction whether or not I am the votary of the Lotus Sutra.” -- Nichiren Daishonin regarding the Mongol invasion.

"Nichiren, in contrast to the leaders of Japan, did not view the coming of the Mongols from a political standpoint, so he did not talk of the conflict in terms of winners or losers, attackers or defenders, invader and the invaded. Instead, he focused on the tragedy that occurs on the level of the common people. His view always put the common person first.” -- Masahiro Kobayashi, research fellow at SGI's Institute of Oriental Philosophy in Hachioji, Tokyo.

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