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Dan, site owner Permalink Reply by Dan, site owner on January 2, 2011 at 3:37pm
I know.  They should have a youth div. read Pres. Ikeda’s remarks.  Or someone cuter (wink)  best, Dan
They should let my Area leaders read them
Were they in the video at that Leader’s nationwide block meeting?
Not sure what you meant by that Dan. My Area Leaders certainly could have read Ikeda’s remarks whether or not they were at the meeting..
The meeting certainly seemed geared to a Japanese audience. What’s a “Block” Leader? We don’t have block leaders.
Dan, site owner Permalink Reply by Dan, site owner 1 day ago
Maybe i misunderstood.  I thought this ‘Hasegawa’ fella was the one reading Pres. Ikeda’s message in that video from October leader’s meeting.  I think ‘block’ leaders are their equivalent of group leaders as I understand.  Not district level but group level.  I think I was out of the room for bathroom break beginning and middle of the video
James Ryan Permalink Reply by James Ryan 21 hours ago
Yes, Hasegawa is the one who read Pres. Ikeda’s message,
I don’t need him to read it for me. I can read. My Area Leader could read it and talk about how it affects Indiana. Etc. Any number of alternatives rather than Hasegawa reading it
Rayana Permalink Reply by Rayana on January 3, 2011 at 8:02am
Agree to the idea of youth reading it.
James Ryan Permalink Reply by James Ryan 21 hours ago
I agree Rayana. A local Youth Leader would be better than Hasegawa.  Please be sure to share your views with the leaders in Singapore
Bob Mann Permalink Reply by Bob Mann on January 4, 2011 at 2:54am
hmmm, compaired to Presiden Ikeda, Hasagawa’san is pretty young (wink).  At any rate, people making the big bucks should be given something to do (wink,wink)….