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Friday, September 9, 2016

Made the big mistake of asking questions about SGI finances.

"This article [] is dead bang on. I was married to a well respected member of 40 years. I became a member 17 years ago. Made the big mistake of asking questions about finances...Was told that I would lose all my fortune if I questions (based on critical thinking) continued. I never let this day! My wife filed for divorice several years back and that's when the fun began! I went to a National Leader (James Herman) for guidance, something that is encouraged. Was told that the SGI had big plans for me. I took that as a positive thing ..was I wrong! After my papers were served to me, I received a call from our district leader...5 minutes after I was served! This was the beginning of the harassment campaign. They were talking to my neighbors, creating slander campaigns, ID theft, Vandilism. Having my tires on my SUV and Motorcycle slashed! Only hitting the tip in the iceberg but will tell you all this. SGI is first and foremost a Business..a corporation that does nothing less then take your money. Its become an organization of thiefs, criminals and mindless idiots that have no sense of right from wrong. DO the research, Organized stalking is part of their business plan... Bunch of coward lowlifes all trying to get on the payroll..and yes the money goes around..and they will lie about it. Beware, be well and stay away from SGI." -- Anonymous

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