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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Utilizing the wisdom of the Lotus Sutra

SGI members are resistant to reason because they confuse the joy of the Law with the rapture of SGI group dynamics. Thus deluded, reasonable discourses become enemies to their emotional attachment to the group and the rapture it engenders. They fail to understand simple logic such as Buddhism is not against intelligent and reasonable people and Nichiren Daishonin does not disagree with those who decide to use the wisdom and logic of the Lotus Sutra.
Truth cannot be realized by remaining a fool. Any group (or person) can claim, we are Buddha, we are doing the Buddha’s work, and we are bringing joy to the people while actually destroying the Lotus Sutra and the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin.
Should we believe the claims of the SGI that contradict reason or the reasonable teachings of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin?
Utilizing the wisdom and logic of Shakyamuni Buddha’s Lotus Sutra and the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin, we can verify or disprove the claims of the SGI, the Kempon Hokke, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, any philosophy, and any religion. Found lacking, deceitful, or untruthful, they must be rejected by faithful seekers of the Way. If found evidenced, faithful, and honest, they should be accepted.
True joy is practicing as the Buddha, the Lotus Sutra, and Nichiren Daishonin teach. This is what is meant by a bodily reading of the Lotus Sutra and actual proof.

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