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Sunday, September 4, 2016

"We're not a cult. We don't wear uniforms." -- SGI "Nichiren Buddhist"


Welcome to the Soka Group page. Here you will find guidance, encouragement, and other information related to Soka Group members and activities.

Oklahoma Area Soka Group Chief - James Wilbanks
Tulsa Chapter Soka Group Chief - Ajay Tyagi

*** Attention Soka Group ***
*** SGI-USA General Director, Danny Nagashima, will be visiting Dallas on 16 Feb 03. If you are interested in participating in Soka Group, please contact me...James ***

With the expansion of our kosen-rufu movement and tremendous growth of the membership, the Yuhosan needed to expand its mission and function. For this reason, President Ikeda gave the Yuhosan the mission to protect the entire Soka Gakkai and to promote movement for kosen-rufu. With this new expanded mission, President Ikeda established the Soka Group on November 2, 1976. November 2 is designated as Soka Group Day in commemoration.

1. To Protect The Soka Gakkai
2. To Take Care Of The Members
3. To Fight Behind The Scenes

1. Clear Speech
2. Accurate Reporting
3. Responsible Action
4. Neat and Clean Appearance
5. Kind Attitude

When participating in every Soka Group movement, it is very important to ensure each of the five points are instilled in each one of us. Having no accidents is 90% success of any movement. By implementing these five points in our actions during a movement, we can prevent any accidents from happening. In that sense, each Soka Group member should have the seriousness to engrave these five points in our lives and always keep them in our minds when doing a movement.

The way to successfully implement these five points in our actions is through sincere daimoku. Through our daimoku, we summon forth the wisdom to take the proper actions at all times and under any circumstances. That is why before any movement, it is strongly recommended that all Soka Group chant at least one hour and sincerely pray for the total success of the activity. There may be times, when you will not be able to do so, and that is why we should strive to chant abundant daimoku every day.

National uniforms have been established for all Soka Group members to wear during each movement, which is also included as "dress and appearance". The uniform will consist of the following:
1. Proper hygiene - please be clean and minimize cologne
2. Hairstyle and facial hair - please hair is well-kept and facial hair is properly groomed.
3. No earrings, nose rings or jewelry worn outside the Soka Group uniform.
4. To create a national unity, the following Soka Group uniform is recommended. - Khaki pants, beige or tan (shorts can be allowed if weather is applicable) and standard navy blue polo shirt, which is always tucked in the pants. (Shirt - $25.00)
5. Belt with buckle. 
6. Soka Group I.D. Badge
7. Flashlight with fresh batteries (Night activities)
8. Notepad with two pens
9. Cell phone and also change for payphones
10. No sandals or open toes shoes


If you are interested in becoming a Soka Group Member, here are some guidelines that you must follow. First you must have the determination and sincerity to want to improve your life. As young men, we are endowned with the power and passion of youth. The question is, how and where can we channel these qualities of being a young man in the most positive way. Soka Group is for those young men who seriously ponder this point, who don't want to idly waste away their youth in superficial pleasures. This is the main requirement. In addition, the following are guidelines for joining Soka Group:
1. To be a member of SGI-USA Young Men's Division
2. Preferably to be at least 18 years old and no older than 35 years old.
3. To be actively participating in the front lines of district 
4. To be subscribing to the World Tribune
5. To be home visited by at least a YMD Chapter leader and Soka

Group Region leader.

Once a member of Soka Group, the following are guidelines for Soka Group members to challenge:

1. To chant one hour a day
2. To study the Gosho once a day
3. To study President Ikeda's guidance once a day
4. To fully support Soka Spirit activities in the frontlines of our organization
5. To introduce at least one person to Nichiren Buddhism a year
6. To conduct two heart-to-heart dialogues a week


If you are interested in becoming a Soka Group member, please contact your District/Chapter leader, or you can contact James Wilbanks (Oklahoma City) or Ajay Tyagi (Tulsa). We would be more than happy to further discuss your desires.

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