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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ikedaism is disgusting from a Buddhist standpoint


  1. At 1:21 on tis video-- there is the black and white photo of Ikeda that has been *photo-shopped*-- the lit cigarette that was in his left hand in the original photo has been *erased*--

    Now, I am definitely not saying that I would like to see *cigarette smoking* promoted -- just that there has been a surreptitious effort applied to crafting the image of the 3rd SGI president in concert with creating the SGI *brand*--They could have opted NOT to include photos of their SGI president's smoking. Right?

    When you think about the emphasis on *sincere* behavior and truthful discourse that is strongly referenced in Nichiren's teachings it does bear noting that the tenor of this SGI PR promo production video is anything but....


  2. good call.

    pictures of the three hijackers.

  3. Soka Gakkai owns 7/11 in Japan

    7/11 convenience stores in Japan sell fukushima radioactive rice mixed with other rice