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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Makiguchi, Toda, and Ikeda all went against the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren

"...But the founders who first established these sects failed to discern the true meaning of the sutras upon which they based their teachings. They proceeded only in a shallow manner, employing the sutras in a way that fitted with their own ideas. In doing so, they went against the Lotus Sutra, which means that their teachings were not in accord with the true intention of the Buddha. They were unaware of this, however, and as they proceeded to propagate their doctrines, both the rulers of the nation and the common people came to believe in them. In addition, these doctrines spread to other countries, and many years have gone by since they were first propagated. As a result, the scholars of this latter age, unaware that the founders of these sects were in error, look up to those who practice and propagate their teachings as men of wisdom."

From Letter to Ichinosawa Nyudo:

“Soka Kyoiku-gakkai is unique in that it is a combination of the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin and my own philosophy of values. By becoming a Nichiren Shoshu priest I would be unable to teach anything except the doctrine of their faith, therefore I will not enter this sect.” (Showa Tokko Dan Atsu Shi — History of Oppression by the Secret Police in Showa Period, Part IV.)


  1. It is also noteworthy that Makiguchi's "philosophy of values" was NOT based on "the absolute sanctity of life", which was claimed by Daisaku Ikeda- who obviously never read Makiguchi's "Value Creation - pedagogy"-

    Makiguchi based his philosophy of value on "beauty and gain"-- not *truth* and definitely not *the sanctity of lie itself*- i have read both of Makiguchi's books. Clearly, he *used* the Nichiren Shoshu version of Nichiren's Buddhism to further his own professional goals-- as is still very much in evidence in the practice of the SGI today--

    It is likely that one will be criticized or attacked when it is revealed that Makiguchi went against the "Lotus Sutra"-- such is the challenge of exposing "arrogant false sages"- The gist is that; YES, Makiguchi put forth unique and exemplary theories of education -- BUT, these theories in no way reflect the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin-

    -To connect Makiguchi's theories to Nichiren's teachings is a *bad mix* at best.

    Today mixed in "zen"-- mind revelations and "epiphanies", calling these things evidence of his *self-awakening* in prison. More likely the result of malnutrition and isolation... in my humble opinion.


    1. opps! My computer corrected "Toda" to "Today"

      don't have that problem when referring to second SGI president, "Toadstool" --