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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ric Dexter president Ikeda's press segretary

Ric Dexter, SGI senior leader and writer for the Dallas Morning News Texas Faith Forum replies:


Check your sources, Shukun Shinpo has many times been shown to violate the truth in their “reporting”. These violations are not just in those stories related to the SGI. They at least correctly report that in this whole “tax evasion” audit, in 1991, there was little found in procedural violation of the tax laws of Japan. Digging up old opinion statements like this does little to enhance your credibility. There are so many opinions based on incorrect rumors and assumptions in this article they are hardly worth mentioning.

If you are truly interested in promoting “truth” stick to your interpretations of the teachings of Nichiren.

For those interested in how the money is spent in SGI-USA go to their corporate report at...


It will take more than a blanket denial to refute the specific allegations mentioned in the Watanabe report and you are naive to believe the SGI-USA corporate statement. Let SGI make their books available for review by an independent auditor. You would make a good presidential press secretary.

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