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Monday, October 3, 2016

Richard and Chas can not even read Japanese, let alone Chinese

Yet, with their arrogant common worldling brain which refuses to rely on Japanese scholars and Japanese scholar priests, they can not determine which Gosho are authentic and which are forged, whether their translations are accurate or not, whether their doctrines derive from Tientai, Nichiren Shoshu, or Nichiren Daishonin [for example, the Fourfold Rise and Fall], and certainly they know nothing of the 132 as yet untranslated Gosho whch support our orthodox doctrines. They are a sad and deficient lot indeed.


  1. And-- they cling to the forgeries and fakes--; Why?
    They prefer the taste of evil--

    thus I heard...

  2. I see you can't make a comment to this board unless your a minion. Sounds like SGI censorship. You sure you aren't SGI, Rogow?

    1. Anon. you sound like Noel AKA Space Treasury and a host of other screen names, over on ARBN.

      Typical trolling behaviour and plainly wrong. If readers go back through the blog they will find alternate voices and points of view, most notably Dirham who pushed the limits of acceptability in a blog commentor but was still given voice.

      Your comment Anon picks up exactly the theme that Richard over on ARBN has been throwing out to against the SGI / NST critical voices in this last week. Likewise there is no evidence for his assertions either.

      It's interesting that the ARBN Newsgroup Archive (Narchive) recently got hacked so comments were misattributed and that during the last few weeks ARBN has suffered several uncharacteristic slow downs. Looks like someone's rattled, very rattled.

      More importantly, I notice that you don't have anything to offer that's related to the topic with your comment.

      You would do be better doing some research in the Japanese scholar base and aligning to some high quality study resources as Mark and Katie suggest, rather than fantasising a heirarchy that simply doesn't exist.

      I know it is hard for the NSTlSGI mindset to grasp but not every group people who come together organise and share inflexibly nor use the rigid, brittle pyramid structures of SGI and NST and their strict, organisation promoting, dogmas

      Some of us just organise in a perfect sphere - with The Law, The Buddha - The Lotus Sutra at its centre and edge, permeating it's entirety and everything we do.

      We follow the Law and share openly and flexibly and are more interested in promoting the faith in the Lotus Sutra of the Flowering of the Wonderful Law, Myoho Renge-kyo to the best of our abilities and unencumbered by organisational dogma or promotion.

      Myoho Renge-kyo, the pure and true teaching, the perfect teaching, available to all.

      Namu Myoho Renge Kyo and Faith, it's really very simple.

      Why not try it? :)

      Lose the organisational baggage and concentrate in faith.

      You'll be a lot happier and much better off.

      "Entry is through faith alone"

    2. "Anon. you sound like Noel AKA Space Treasury and a host of other screen names, over on ARBN. "

      Correction: Noel AKA "Space-d Out Junkmiester"

      It never ceases to astound me the way those who claim to have special insight and super natural powers of perception, resort to the most base behavior when they are *called out* based on the teachings. And then, to employ the screen name "space treasury"? This surely deserves a rebuke!!


  3. A minion possibly, a troll never. Bye bye