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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Whose disciples according to Nichiren?

"The countless Bodhisattvas of the Earth were the disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, from the time he first set his mind on and attained enlightenment in the remote past.." -- Nichiren


  1. If there is a practitioner who claims to be *a votary of the Lotus Sutra* who does not extol the virtues of Shakyamuni or express deep and abiding reverence the True Buddha, the Original teacher, our parent and sovereign, that person is in fact an enemy of the Lotus Sutra---

    You will find such enemies on ABRN: Richard, Chas, Julian and Noel--

    All are defeated by the teachings-- thank you Mark for hosting a forum where those of us who are seeking the true teachings of Nichiren and make efforts to follow him, can develop correct faith and understanding of what Nichiren taught!