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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Seeing Nichiren's Conception of the Lotus Sutra's Buddhism in his Kaimoku-sho by Sekido Gyokai


  1. good post....for a short one. thanks.

  2. how's everyone? katie, mudpie, anonymous?

    we/i have been warning the sgi/nst and the other phony buddhists that things in this country were going to get much worse. well, here is part of it....trump + bannon + sessions = bad karma. the republican women have lost their minds.

    chanting for my country as nichiren encourages. cheers !!

  3. nice post katie......the american people will learn the hard lesson that the german people learned the hard way. sgi/nst/shu provide no protection for themselves or their country....look at japan. our dear country is truly being punished.....time will tell. hitler promised the same things as trump.

    also, i am sure by now you have come to realize that the sgi/nst/shu and what it produces cannot truly discuss the real teachings of what the eternal buddha and his emissary for the modern day taught. our leader, nichiren was able to create a powerful poison drum relationship for the blind people of the latter age, and we can do the same by speaking the truth and replying to the admonishment of the eternal buddha to uphold the lotus sutra as did nichiren inspire of how sick and stupid the people in the saha world are. good job. namu myoho renge kyo !!!!!

    i encourage all to chant namu myoho renge kyo as chanted by nichiren and then study the legitimate gosho's, unfiltered by any outside bullshit. then and only then can one begin to understand. this is not just my opinion, but mirrors nichirens as well. cheers all !!!!!!

  4. the above is my reply to a post over on arbn, or whatever its called, to a excellent post by katie.

  5. I like your poison drum, greg-- and so does my *drummer husband* who is actually making key connections thanks to you, Mark, Mudpie and especially Eagle Peak !!



    1. hmmm ! another fellow musician?..........can't be all bad. lol

    2. mr higgins - what people need to know is that the lotus sutra is not, and never has been an intellectual issue. it is and always will be a faith issue. this is what separates the men from the boys or the true from the transient. end of story. cheers and best wishes !

  6. It must be tough transitioning from intellectual to faith. I guess those who scorched their seeds in a past lifetime and have come back to practice NDB must have a tough time with this