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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Daisaku Ikeda fears the internet and open dialogue

"My concern is that people may turn into mere passive receptors of programmed images. Recent research in neuroscience has confirmed that active faculties--such as the ability to think critically, to make decisions, to love and sympathize, to believe in something--tend to grow weaker when we are subjected to such one-way flows of information." -- Daisaku Ikeda talking about the internet

SGI would rather not participate in our dialogue or any real dialogue on the internet. We are open to a spirited dialogue with them and all others. SGI's blogs and "forums" are either inactive or strictly moderated. That is not dialogue. This forum, for the most part, is not moderated. So have your say!


  1. Excellent proposal !

    But do not discount how fearful Danny, Greg,Guy and definitely Aiden Strauss are if docjmdnting their actual position or revealing their level of comprehension of the teachings .
    It goes against the grain for SGI leaders to become accountable for their knowledge / it is rare indeed to see any of them open themselves up publicly and risk being found to be in error. Yes , they card more about their status and image than they care about propagating the True teachings .


  2. Okay-- I will stop posting comments from my iPhone !

    Corrections :"But do not discount how fearful Danny, Greg,Guy and definitely Aiden Strauss are if docjmdnting [of documenting] their actual position or revealing their level of comprehension of the teachings .
    It goes against the grain for SGI leaders to become accountable for their knowledge / it is rare indeed to see any of them open themselves up publicly and risk being found to be in error. Yes , they card [care]more about their status and image than they care about propagating the True teachings "

  3. Not only do they not care but they willfully subvert the teachings with their mentor-disciple hogwash.

  4. You're right, Mark, their subversion is willful and their perversion is palpable-- BUT, as my husband recently pointed out, when one doesn't really have faith in the *teachings* themselves, there is no real motivation to be *correct*-- no true joy to aspire to or actual fear to avoid slander.

    The poison SGI serves up basically is a no-fault, no-loss deal-- You can't lose unless you leave SGI-- just about anything and everything else is allowed!

    Study? just make a cause - read a line of the gosho-- no worries if you don't understand it. Take the exams-- no worries of you fail them..

    Attend SGI activities- just show up and you get *benefits*

    Give offerings of cash-- every penny is a gold mine waiting to materialize!

    Open your home for meetings-- You'll live in a castle-- one day.

    THERE IS NO BUDDHISM in SGI to practice, study or protect!! It's all about behavior that supports the *cult* leader's lavish life styles!!

    Thee are no standards and no guidelines -- no values or principles upon which to gauge one's progress or behavior --you are either an asset or a liability-- depending on how well you support and promote the SGI.

    I don't know about you, but I never met a leader who cared about the actual teachings as a standard-- who is still a leader, or still practices with the SGI. Caring about the teachings of the Buddha and tenure of leadership are mutually exclusive in the SGI USA. -- or inversely proportional --

    I like to think of members who read here and decide to get a little bit more serious in their questioning of leaders- in terms of knowledge about the teachings themselves. It's a small leap from encountering Nichiren's actual teachings, developing faith in them and realizing it does matter that one willfully subverts the teachings.

    Mentor/disciple hogwash is not playing out as expected--It isn't a life raft for SGI-- more like a ten ton sinker weight! Members sicken of mentor/disiciple just as much as members were sickened by the *destroy Nikken campaigns*-- how quickly they leave is a matter of how vocal they are-- I suspect many leaders will come here seeking refuge-- not debate .


  5. Your husband is very wise...

    "when one doesn't really have faith in the *teachings* themselves, there is no real motivation to be *correct*-- no true joy to aspire to or actual fear to avoid slander."

    1. - but it took 18 years to hear him admitthat he did not have faith in the *teachings*-- he did, however have faith in the SGI Boston,ABC benefit protocol -- the *add water and stir* formula for awakening to being a full fledged Buddha--. Kevin taught me the most about how *non-Buddhist* SGI Boston is--. Among other things he taught me:

      1) SGI down plays the concept of slander and by extension the effects for it-- SGI basically says this is a no fault, no penalty religion where so long as you are on *good to go* with SGI you are sure to attain buddhaood-- whatever that is !!

      2) the *complainer* is aways at fault-- and always incapable of seeing she is at fault!

      3)That my being *hated* by SGI had to mean I was flawed--

      After pretty much admitting he never considered it important to believe Nichiren specifically, Kevin has finally realized he was never practicing Nichiren Buddhism-- and these realizations occurred after visiting Eagle Peak and chanting Namu-myoho-renge- kyo--.

      I am a nurse-- science, fact -based minded, you know. This turn around in my husbands practice was like a miracle cure for a fatal illness-- at least in terms of the life of our marriage.

      So--it goes, I am taking every opportunity to propagate that which I have personally witnessed as *amazing* actual proof of the power of the Mystic Law-- and the Essential practice!!


    2. seems you have been the cause to open his eyes slightly...if so, how wonderful for you both!

      a little story: about 10 years ago, shortly after i encountered mark, i shakubukued my friend rose, who had become suspicious of the gakkai. she and i built a group of about 20 people who were disenchanted with the sgi for one reason or the other. mostly organizational issues. long story short.... one by one those people fell away. this made me realize that the reason the sgi/nst/whoever was the way it was, was because they had no real faith in the lotus sutra and bottom line it was their own karma. in other words..karma from the past. anyway, good luck to you and your husband. rare is the word.

    3. sorry spaced out the point ; many people bitch about the org. but given the chance they would build the same thing,,,,karma!

      in my opinion, this is why we need to strictly follow nichiren to the best of our ability. not ourselves, ikeda, or anyone else.

    4. What you share here, Greg is very illuminating and to a greater degree than I imagined it plays out pretty regularly in my relationship with former MD district leader, whom i married 18 years ago.

      It's great to hear Kevin admit that it is not the teachings of Nichiren that SGI propagates, but it is another matter to erase his memory of the *glory days* of the high he and his comrades rode reaping the material benefits of Ikeda-ism. He pretty much concluded that NOT practicing the true teachings was really the path to happiness! Yeah-- try arguing against that *logic*!

      What I have found is that the dedication, diligence and sincerity toward Nichiren's teachings that is the pre-requisite for experiencing *joy* from the Law is way beyond what the average *joe* wants to put out for the practice-- and when they had the instant gratification of *rapture* for *getting their wishes fulfilled* it is even more unlikely they will embark on a serious, self-disciplined oriented practice--What this means is that they won't experience the *joy* from Myoho-renge-kyo itself--and therefore, never aspire to upholding, much less defending the Law in the face of being hated or encountering severe obstacles--

      However, it is a blessing that my husband is no longer associated with SGI Boston-- that none of his *cronies* are still buzzing around waiting for him to leave me and come to his senses! Though, I would never prevent him from doing just that, for some reason he has chosen to remain with *the most hated woman in all of SGI Boston*-- and probably beyond--

      Yes, we do have to be even more strict and diligent in following Nichiren-- and that does not necessarily lead to marital bliss or even romance !! But there is something about our bright eyes, our keen sense of reality, compassion and real-ness that is attractive-- even to the most dedicated Ikeda-bot. This actual proof is why we are shunned, no doubt-- but what a boon to have the internet that even, Grand Duke, Ikeda can't censor or control !!


    5. ahh, prosperity buddhism(sgi). thats what they consider benefit. it started long ago with toadstool(toda). ikeda ran with it. as you goes no higher than the realm of rapture. my ex is into that and has been for 45 years, and the last scouting(3 yrs ago) report shows no actual proof. ha ha.. i think there is a guy/cult in arizona who has hijacked Tibetan buddhism who also uses material prosperity as bait. really rather bazar but people lap it up. well, the buddha teaches that in the latter day avarice, anger and stupidity will rein. for those that have no relationship with the lotus sutra/shakyamuni/nichiren, they cannot feel the joy nor the pain of the law. also, they lack true compassion, or empathy for others. their true concern is, what will they get. five minutes of news watching a day explains the whole story. much punishment or retribution is being delivered. yet, the sgi/nst continue to frolic in the burning house. we can carry on for nichiren building a poison drum for them. it may be somewhat lonely and troublesome in this life, but the promise is eternal. even if the buddhas promise is bogus....there is still no better way to live. a little hard for me to have big respect for those of narrow capacity. this i tell the sgi members who throw the never disparaging chapter at me. respect THIS assholes!

      i have a friend girl in palm springs who facebooks me. i went to school with her. she is 3 years younger. she is christian, but believes in cause and effect/karma and has a bit higher capacity than most. i like her. she knows i am a buddhist. when i talk to her, i reinforce the karmic point regarding circumstance and the worlds condition. if people truly believed in cause and effect(renge) alone, it would completely change the world and peoples understanding. as i have said before, the christians etc are on the move because they know the world is on fire. however, they are the poison not the medicine.

      i am not a member of AA, but i have had a few friends who are. although incomplete, they do teach some interesting truths. it is known by them that in order for a true alcoholic to recover, they must hit rock bottom first. in other words, they must first let go of their precious arrogance and accept truth. from there they can begin to recover.

      this is why i have no confidence in the american people to stand up and do the right thing. american has not hit rock bottom. not even close. as they easily(sgi) reject real buddhism, they cannot truly see the burning house. this is why nichiren teaches that people like eclair and many others who reject the lotus sutra must first spend a long stay in the avichi hell. bla, bla, bla, bla !

      all cults shun.
      cheers all

    6. its a good thing that ones strong faith and practice has a drastic effect on ones family, according to nichiren.

    7. I wonder if your friend sees cause and effect from the perspective of her own separate, unique impact on *society*-- or does she believe she is garnering favor of the *Master of this three ring circus"? I think there are christians who resemble provisional buddhists-- and the christians in this category exert more positive than negative influence- because buddhists who follow provisional teachings though they have encountered Myoho-renge-kyo are committing grave slander--

      I taught a progressive christian to chant about 3 years ago-- and this year reconnected to update her on the *correct* daimoku-- sent her links here, too. She , on her own, had acquired a statue of Shakyamuni and was reciting chapters from the Threefold Lotus Sutra. She expressed interest in the NOPPA translations of Nichiren's writings-- however the most astounding part of this story is that she discarded christianity on her own -- saying she saw christ as a basically good, but misguided teacher and that she chants for him !!

      One other key element in this story is that this woman contacted me via the publicizing of a letter I wrote on behalf of Justina Pelletier- long story short, she is a nurse who wanted to tell me she had nominated me for a nursing award!! We met a few months after emails and phone calls-- discussions about our spirituality were very comfortable. I noticed her sincerity and genuine respect from our very first contact. Unlike the sheep who flock to the trough of material benefits of the SGI, this woman was more interested in my courage and compassion-- and my willingness to risk material benefits to protect the human rights of vulnerable kids in the mental health system.

      BTW Tariq Hasaan says that SGI is the beautiful carriage that causes people to leave their burning houses-- -according to the WD Region leader who has to listen to Tariq's *sermons* once a month! --

      Ay yi yi !!


    8. great story katie and congatulations on your accomplishments. for the most part, the world lacks courage. i agree with your first paragraph. the voice is also a window for many things. i have met some christians who i was actually was very impressed with and far less phony than most of the sgi members. no doubt christianity is provisional buddhism and all buddhism has truth however incomplete. one way or the other one will have to deal with this christian country. in the latter age, they are slanders but as you know it is the high jackers of buddhism that one should fear. provisional teachings keep childish thought and behavior rampant. the more provisional the more absurd. we see the suffering and the weirdness islam has brought its people and the world. one fears that hardcore christianity is not far behind. as the eternal buddha teaches , in the latter age it is only myoho renge kyo that is the medicine. it is the goodness of the lotus sutra and what it brings forth that turns the tide of delusion. i think there are still some sincerely good people out there, and they can act as good friends. but not many. whatever sgi says should just be reversed. thats how strange they have become. in other words , if they say go right...go left. if they say stand up...sit down. lol.

  6. its the american way of religion....confess your sins and be forgiven,

    aka - go get guidance! take a bow....more stupidity !

  7. Can't wait to meet you katie and see you [greg] again.

  8. Ah! But to be praised by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the universe is our greatest honor...

    "*the most hated woman in all of SGI Boston*-- and probably beyond--"

  9. They don't realize that Jesus worships and defends the Eternal Buddha.

    1. "never seek the kingdom of god outside your self" - jesus.

      i recommend a book for christians and even buddhists -

      "the gospel according to jesus" - by stephen mitchell

      one can see how close what jesus really taught is to provisional buddhism.

      the heyday of sgi/nst in america is over. ikeda is pretty much gone and no one cares about the shoshu. however, we are going to have to deal with the christians no doubt.

    2. Yes, this was explained somewhat by Joseph Campbell-- it amounts to the tendency for clinging to what is temporary and imperfect -- and therefore not perceiving what we share in common with the *eternal*--He said something like, "The divine is transparent-- all can access it. The major religions have made the divine *literal* and claim possession of it-- and hold it out as a carrot for others"

      Making the true, eternal Mystic Law accessible to ALL, Nichiren simply taught that our devotion "Namu" to this Law, "Myoho -renge-kyo" would lead to our own encounter with our own connection to the Eternal Buddha-- or rather, I should make clear that this is how I am teaching Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Buddhism to my grandchildren--

      They ( age 10yrs and 8yrs.) are so much more advanced than my husband, because they read with me-- all 7 volumes of "Harry Potter"-- which is, BTW, a very strong foundation for comprehending our own innate power and potential as human beings and cultivating the "good" within us.

      J.K. Rowling was heavily criticized by christians, muslims and jews for what they saw as 'blasphemy'--denial of the "existence of God" and "worship of the occult"-- LOL!! I am so happy "Harry Potter" is widely read all over the world-- and loved by the generation that is going to have to deal with the ignorance of the religious leaders of our time!!

      Harry Potter is an icon of *belief* and *faith*-- the correct attitude one must have in order to even approach the teachings of the Lotus Sutra.

      my humble opinion--


    3. "They ( age 10yrs and 8yrs.) are so much more advanced than my husband, because they read with me-- ".

      thats really funny katie. i hope he does not read that and get mad at you.

      nice share.

  10. I hope he does read it -- I am prepared to enlist the grandkids to help him open his eyes a little more--;-)

    Kevin, like a few others I know who are drifting away from SGI, seem to be reluctant to devote too much time to getting to the heart of their delusions.

    One very dear and long time friend who is stuck in her leadership delusion, launched a tirade at me over the "implications of her being so wrong"--she said something like, "So you're saying I am a fool and an evil influence-- and-- and--etc," I replied, "There is no actual *self*-- you are a temporary union of five components---" CLICK!! Thats' when she hung up on me!! so, I never got to the "good news"--She still calls me though-- and sets limits on way we can discuss-- usually she wants encouragement in faith with no *side bar* discussions that contradict her *mission* to protect the *members*.

    If Donald Trump's personality disorder weren't a cause for grave concern, or rather, if he wasn't dominating the news due to an unfortunate series of events, I might have believed that SGI leaders had the monopoly on being thinned-skinned narcissists !!


    1. well, you have guts. apparently, it is a lack of courage in this life which prevents one from attaining buddhahood even if they encounter the lotus sutra. especially to the blind, good advice sounds harsh to the ears.

      like my ex , your friend clings to her position because it makes her feel worth something(delusion indeed). the provisional teachings require's that they are told they are good boys and girls by daddy sgi/ikeda. or, better yet, good children. this is true of all cults.

      i have a few friends left who claim buddhism but don't really follow nichiren, only what makes them feel warm, fuzzy and comfortable. then they tell me they voted for chump and my forbearance goes right out the window. hardcore stupidity is a tough one. however, at the end of the day all we really have to do is not lose our faith and speak our truth. not easy.