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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Greg Romero, Twinkle, Vodka, and I in Three Rivers California


  1. Awwww- English Springer Spaniel? My son has two males, Grey and Echo and my daughter has a female, Luna-- They are the most *enlightened* breed of dogs, in my humble opinion .

    Hi Mark and Greg!
    It's So Great to SEE you both !!

    finally :-)

    CHEERS !


    1. I have two naughty girls, Twinkle the smart one and Sparkle the loyal one. Great dogs indeed!

    2. cheers indeed......update; thanks mark for the nice call regarding the passing of my bodisattva/shakubuku dog, honey sue. quick story:

      one day two months ago i went to five different shelters in hopes of finding a new pet. feeling somewhat heart broken over the sudden loss of my most perfect dog. she had a wonderful life and was loved by all; people as well as other dogs. in all the shelters, all i found was very large pit bulls or little tiny dogs. all worthy of love but not for me. at the last place, my experience was the same. feeling somewhat discouraged and feeing tired from a full days activity, myself and ruth decided to leave and try again another day. as we were walking through the lobby headed to the car, a young women walked up to me and asked how my visit had gone? i replied that things had not gone well and that i was still grieving over the loss of my dog, and that we would return another time. as i was speaking to her, i pulled out my phone and showed her a picture of honey sue. she replied to me that about one hour ago they had received a dog that looked very much like my picture and that she had not been fully processed yet and therefore not in the kennels. she asked me if i would like to see her. i asked a few questions and after hearing the answer i told her i would like to see her. out she brings the dog...same color, same weight, same gender. after spending 15 minutes with the new dog, i knew i could not leave her there. its crazy but the dog looks like she came from the same litter as my previous with much of the same personality. not exact, but very close. anyway, she has turned to be a perfect replacement, i could not ask for anything more. defiantly an answer to a prayer. i named her maggie mae. ho ho ho.

    3. NAMU MYOHO RENGE KYO - vodka putt putt !

      great dog.