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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Honne [reality of things] and Tatemae [pretense]




    Quite a few SGI in tepco dentsu. Tohiba is tanking. They should have went solar. Abe still in power with help of komeito. Practically illegal to speak of Fukushima in Japan.

    Of the 80 thousand permanently evacuated from Chernobyl 11 thousand alive and all died before 40. 85 percent of children in Belarus have heart defects from Chernobyl. All of the 40000 russion liquidators who were exposed to the molten core that was entombed at Chernobyl and is still melting, are dead from radiation illness.

    3 melting cores at Fukushima, not entombed. Water goes over them and pours radioactive water into the ocean and environment. Radionuclide's pour into the environment. Taiwan refuses to take food from northern Japan because it has radionuclide's in it.

    The Chernobyl evacuees were never returned to the evacuation zone yet, abe wants 70000 refugees, including children, returned to Fukushima. Fukushima is dozens of times worse than chernobyl.

    No one knows how many workers have died are dying there at fukushima.

    Thyroid cancer and radiation illness rampant in areas around the fukushima.

    Fukushima children evacuees in Tokyo and Yokohama called germs. The children are bullyed because Abe wants them returned to deadly

    fukushima exclusion zone.

    If you have influence please help

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  3. Thanks for sharing anonymous. Country of greatest slander is country of greatest disaster. Very sad.