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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Meaningless Ikeda SGI psychobabble

"The oneness of mentor and disciple is the very heart of the Lotus Sutra and the essence of Nichiren Daishonin’s teachings, yet the priests try to destroy and cast aside this most crucial element. This is a characteristic of devilish functions, known as “robbers of life.”

To reject the oneness of mentor and disciple is to reject the mutual possession of the Ten Worlds; it constitutes an attack on the fundamental equality of all human beings. The true nature of the Nichiren Shoshu priesthood is revealed here for all to see." (Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra by Daisaku Ikeda, 160–61)


  1. so are we to believe that the world of hell, hunger and animality is equal to the worlds of bodi and buddhahood? if so, what is the point of the core of buddhist teachings, faith and practice, or a correct object of worship? robbers of life has nothing to do with mentor disciple garbage. it is the devil of premature death. what a bunch of idiots.

    and their members follow this shit!@#$??&*^.

  2. Great points,Greg.

    There is no foundation in Nichirens teachings for High priests or Memtors - and to me, this is the most important argument -

    But then one can look at where the Shoshu and Gakkai " interpretations " have led -
    Two so/called Buddhist sects at war with each other -and millions of members misguided and exploited .

    Nothing "good" has resulted from SGI/NST - no evidence or actual proof -

    Those who follow Nichiren like his original followers , connect with the teachings - NOT dependent on " others". What a contrast!
    So much do that SGI and NST will stoop to the lowest tactics to discredit those of us their members might listen to!

    It boils down pretty simply - I always knew basics were off with SGI/NST - but it became crystal clear when I first began chanting correct daimoku and had the courage to confront the doctrinal errors in my discussion with SGI members who seek me out -

    What I learned here - I researched a bit too/ but mostly it was the benefit if seeing the appropriate teachings for the specific issue that made the difference between comprehension and gut feelings based on faith .

    Your input is greatly appreciated. ❤️😊



  3. and vise - versa. your input has brightened up the room , so to speak. for that everyone is grateful.

    what i have always found hilarious about sgi/nst is that they both pervert buddhism in the same way.... and yet point the finger at each other. cloudy mirror? ikeda, high priest = same thing. senior leaders, phony robed priest = the same thing. both, a good job if one can get it. both chant a truncated daimoku and equally as bad, misspell it. so their argument about pronunciation goes right out the window. both turn their backs on the correct teachings for power and selfish gain, both censored by the lotus sutra. neither cults are worthy of accepting alms according to the teachings of shakyamuni and they will suffer in the unremitting hell for pissing all over the three jewels and misrepresenting real buddhism. both the givers and the receivers share in a misguided relationship. too bad for the members . as you know, what buddhism teaches is GOOD FRIEND verses BAD FRIEND. both tentai and nichiren concur that a good friend will aid in the attainment of buddhahood, and is something one should seek, while a bad friend will be the cause for a deeper delusion and something one should avoid and fear even before a heard of wild elephants.

    in the latter age good friends are scarce. eagle peak has been serving as a good friend for over ten years now. people have come and gone. you, and i , and others have done their time with the sgi/nst but we had the heart to listen to nichiren when many others can not. regardless of our circumstances, what good fortune we must have. as the eyes of our country....lets keep an eye on trump as well as sgi/nst.


    1. both the priests and the sgi paid staff are in big trouble, = children frolicking in the burning house, completely unaware.

  4. Ahhh!! You are so right-- about Trump needing close supervision.

    I am focusing more on Pres. Obama, though-- his character, leadership and sense of integrity-- How can he, as the one who has the most knowledge of how much danger we are in with Trump as commander-in-chief, just turn over our fates to this Ikeda- clone??

    I have watched all of the news overage available-- saturating myself with Trump-world until it no longer affects me emotionally-- NOW, I am focused on becoming part of the resistance, supporting the personal empowerment of others, and appreciating the conditions that have finally occurred that should herald the first true widespread propagation of the true teaching.

    The really good news, and cause for great hope IS--drum roll please...

    WE actually know what the True Teaching IS !! I am late to acquire this, info but my cave lit up like Times Square and looks great-- like it never was cold, dark and damp!-- from my very first Namu-myoho-renge-kyo!

    No worries I never was a street geishu fanatic-- nor do I casually mention the Mystic Law as a possible choice on a self-help list of *remedies*-- Did you know that people still get hooked up with SGI by these kids of sales pitches??

    Last year at this time, I had an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach-- and a burning desire to encounter the Buddha--. My prayer was answered-- in ways I could never have imagined :-)

    Body/shadow-- very complex relationship. Trump, the shadow does seem like the biggest threat--- and yet-- ???


    1. katie - i am a little late....however, i have many concerns about the people of this country. keeping it short, i am not sure the american people can and will stand up for whats right.

    2. I get where your angst lies, Greg-- but I live right outside of Boston, where the climate for forming the *resistance* is enhanced by our senator, Elizabeth Warren-- and our Attorney General Maura Healy -- . "Resistance" and "Securing our progress" is the air we are all breathing right now--. My daughter is a very devoted activist with many *good friends*-- so I am right in the epicenter of those who are gearing up for the battle.

      I think it is definitely going to be a battle and a test of the true convictions of those of us who are all shades of upset about this recent presidential election. BUT-- this is the fertile soil for our own advancement-- deeper faith is fueled by sense of purpose. EVERYTHING is at stake now!

      I can assure you the *kids* I encounter-- most specifically my grand kids and their peer group are READY -- better informed and in many ways more capable than my generation in terms of their command of the technology of *mass communication and ever expanding connection*.

      Oh-- that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach at the end of last year ? had to be the appointment of Aiden Strauss as General Director for SGI USA--that I did not learn about until March 2016--

      this has been one hell of a year-neh?


    3. ha ! neh, reminds me of mr kikumura(right hand man to gmw), who sold his soul to the devil, and his right hand man mr inatomi, big senior leader in los angeles who showed up at my work one day about 12 years ago and wanted to beat me up cause i was telling the gak they were full of crap and distorting buddhism. i asked him..."is this the way you guys debate the teachings?....maybe you better raise your life condition !"

      thanks for your reply katie. hopefully, you are right. possibly i have become a bit weary.

      lately i have been scolding the media for arguing the obvious for profit.....cnn, msnbc. forget fox. we all know who chump is.

      outside of you , possibly mark and shinkei, no one likes me anymore. LOL.

  5. "SGI members who seek me out -" How do we attract more of these members whether they be disaffected or SGI warriors?

    1. Hi Mark,

      I text links to Eagle Peak posts to *key* long time SGI WD members-- my former MD district chief-- and I use my old *dl* list of local leaders to keep *in touch*--with SGI -. Ripples are the beginning of waves-- something very encouraging is happening--

      I would say that the disaffected and the SGI warriors are beginning to seek "us"-- We just need to stay visible, available and stay *the course*-- I have to remember my unusual path here-- I mean. I had *sworn off* internet buddhist discussion forums-- for example!

      Eagle Peak is a beacon-- always fresh and crystal clear-- breath of fresh air, and a true oasis --- . The real deal...

      There is no longer a *ego battle * entrenched swamp--to wade through. I don't know exactly how to express what I want to convey.

      You guys drained the swamp, i think--