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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Met a seeker of Gohonzon

SGI newbie. She told me they are requesting that she pass the SGI beginners exam before they would give her Gohonzon. I told her that taking an exam, especially an exam tangential to True Buddhism [one based on Ikedaism], was not the criteria that Nichiren used in bestowing Gohonzon. I told her to chant morning and evening, keep a clean altar, read the Lotus Sutra, read the writings of Nichiren, and come to my home to chant with me and I would bestow upon her a copy of a Nichiren Gohonzon rather than an SGI knockoff.


  1. Excellent, Mark!!
    This person is very fortunate to have encountered you before taking the first steps toward the abyss of SGIkeda "mind-only" control !!


  2. I am chanting for Joey to make the right decision.