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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Nichiren priest and US Marine veteran Jerry Shinkei Marcheso


  1. a little rough around the edges but........

    nice picture.

  2. Very sobering for me. I have deeply regretted my flippant attitude toward Shinkei when I first encountered him here--

    I remind myself that there were quite a number of people who had a major turn around in their attitude toward Nichiren once meeting him, ;listening to him, learning about his teachings and his purpose for sharing them--

    I am struck by the overwhelming sincerity and spirit conveyed via this photograph. I have to wonder, too-- how many taught Nichiren was 8rough around the edges* (:-)-- and recall how even Mark is misjudged --though I accept that me and Greg sort of draw out the smearing campaign- behavior of those who *attack* us--

    Yes-- peach, plum damsel-- all expressions of a single Law-- subject to the discriminative thinking of those who do not embrace Myoho-renge-kyo ??

    Thank you, Shinkei-- I studied and finally understood the "Four Debts of Gratitude" because you directed me THERE rather than continue to *argue with my faulty reasoning*


  3. beautiful katie....tears. both shinkei and mark have been chased from pillar to post for a number of years, possibly shinkei more because of the sgi brand of poison. and.......... neither have recanted.

  4. It's really good to see and to know-- via reading here, exactly what becomes of those of us who are condemned by the SGI--

    These recent ones are all more posts to link and share with those who are still waiting for me to ----- (?) I don't dare speculate-- but one of the first things I hear from anyone from the local sgi who encounters me around Boston is "you look great"-- said in a tone of utter disbelief!!

    When I reflect on the meaning of * receiving more blessings* than others due to faith in the Lotus sutra, I think about the major shift in my understanding and then the deepening of my prayers and sense of gratitude that occurred because of my participation here on Eagle Peak. And though the information came from persons-- Mark, Shinkei,and you, Greg-- it was the teachings themselves that you made me aware of. Encountering the True teachings is rare-- indeed.

    I just want to point out that what is reflected in your very unique , individual *selves* -- all of you excellent friends, BTW, is Myoho-renge-kyo--

    and this is what radiates from your eyes and your countenance in these photos--

    beautiful...tears -

    With deep appreciation--

  5. Love you both. My patients all exclaim how great I look, how good my color [despite my illness]. Shinkei is amazing and inspirational, having overcome a malignant brain tumor and like me, battling a severe chronic illness. He is energetic and bright as seen in his eyes.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this photo and the photos of you and Greg-- I keep coming back to gaze at them because they are visual evidence of what I had painted in my heart based on your words here.

    Now isn't that amazing? The power of words to convey what is essentially one's mind and heart-- This reminds me how difficult it is to establish the importance of Nichiren's own words as *the teachings*-- over on arbn,, that is. Those who shun Nichiren's own words-- are showing signs of minds unraveling !!

    Your words match your eyes, match your countenance --consistency from beginning to end-- which, to me, supports the intent you all have to propagate the True and refute the False !!

    Hope mudpie checks in here often-- this is the sort of actual proof encouragement we *few* are hungry for--;-)

    Thanks again-- for this opportunity to encounter the faces of votaries of the Lotus Sutra and a priest, true disciple of Nichiren, who reflects exactly what I imagined Nichiren possessed-- the *countenance* to cause Nembutsu believers to throw away their beads and take faith in his teachings-- on the spot!!

    This is not flattery, guys-- it is genuine and very deep appreciation !!


    1. katie, how thoughtful of you to think of your friend mudpie.

      if we had a picture of you, i am sure mark would have posted it too. have no doubts....we know who you are. gratitude flows both ways. after all, "it is the heart that really matters".