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Friday, December 16, 2016

SGI members are shirkers and idlers according to their mentor

"On the other hand, 'shirkers and idlers' who fail to speak out when they should and who are unable to repudiate evil are, in the final analysis, slandering the Law themselves. . . . no matter how much daimoku lazy people chant, they will not receive true benefit or develop a diamondlike state of being. They will not attain Buddhahood. . . . Buddhism is very strict. No matter what excuses people make or what leadership position they hold, if they do not fight against evil, they will fall into hell." January 11, 1997 speech by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda in Tokyo, February 21, 1997, World Tribune (p. 11)


  1. nice words but ikeda does not do what he says to do. apparently, ikeda cannot see himself.....or better yet, he is a big fat liar.

  2. Agree, Ikeda never *walked* his *talk*--BUT, there is no foundation in the heretical teachings of the SGI from which to discern evil from good!

    It's like telling someone to attack *the enemy* and then never making it clear how one would be able to tell friend from foe!! It's a cruel joke at best-- AND that sums up the *preachings* of Daisicko Senseless Ikeda !!


    1. i have been saying that ikeda has not been functioning for the last 5 years. now, due to a few japanese youth, this has been con firmed. mark and i both saw a video years ago that showed keiko looking very worried,,,then panned to senseless and he looked as though he had had a stroke. the video soon vanished off of youtube, never to be seen again. your profound point above fits well with "we have met the enemy and he is us" us being the ikeda and the sgi. problem is ....they can't see themselves. no mirror , or cloudy mirror. i remember being around ikeda at the malibu "training" center aka ikeda's big hot tub house on the cliffs of malibu, in the early 80's. for some reason at that time, i could see him for who he really was(chump). all ego. after that everything he did and said seemed phony to me. finally, after 20 years of hard practice , i left the sgi. i liked my chances better alone. of course many people including my wife looked at me as if i was the devil. truthfully, it was a beautiful time. my faith and practice was strong enough that i did not need the sgi. ok, enough of that. the only question now is how long will corporate sgi use ikedas's image?

      all of this fits well with whats going on in japan, and also the divided states of america. the christians can't see chump and they cannot see themselves either. fightening indeed. ........................dum da dum dum, dum !.........................

    2. the sgi's day is over. they are in decline. however, big money still talks. the hardcore's will cling to the good old days no matter what. there is nothing we can say to them that is going to un-delude them. the damage has been done. nst has long since declined and if they get five new members a year, they are delighted. the issue now is the condition of the saha world. specifically , japan and the divided states of america. buddhism has been hijacked, islam, although obviously a ridiculous religion, has been hijacked, and white christianity is in the process of being highjacked by the white robes and they have become mean and ugly. sgi in america is not buddhism but christianity slightly perverted. the battle in this country is not political but religious. christians see that the world is in decline. so does islam. so now they are both on the move. the problem is that they are the poison not the medicine. nichiren would be most concerned about this. we need to chant for our country/the world that people will do whats right.

  3. Replies
    1. mark, i hope you are hanging and doing well.

      lets continue to keep an eye on our country/world, as well as the phony buddhists. cheers !