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Friday, December 16, 2016

The common features of a cult may be attributed to the Soka Gakkai

Which of the following is NOT one of the common features of a cult as outlined in your text?

a) A focus on scripture 
b) Charismatic leadership
c) Claims of a new (or esoteric) revelation
d) Requirement of extreme loyalty

Answer a)


  1. Scripture to "SGI/NST" is like a cross to a vampire!! Notice how the cult, "church of" Scientology guards its secrets and creates an aura of mystery around its Top leaders? The "forbidden" writings of L.Ron Hubbard-- or at least forbidden to the low ranking financial supporters of the church of Scientology are a hook and a club-- a concept that SGI also adopts with regard to its claims of superiority==

    To my knowledge, *Scientology* has not forged or faked the insane ramblings of the founder of it's "cult"--(no longer viewed as a religion in the U.S.) -- though they certainly could get away with the same tactics employed first by the traitorous Taisekiji priests after Nichiren's passing and played out over and over by Ikeda and his ever evolving NEW *religion*--

    There are , however, actual, authenticated "scriptures" upon which some of Nichiren's followers have relied and continue to study and share--Ironic-- or not? The practice of sharing the True teachings is the biggest threat to SGI/NST-- and the surest bet that one will become a target for cult-like defamation attacks..

    Hmmm- things boil down quite simply-- given a few decades of consistently seeking the teachings in the scriptures that bear the name, Nichiren , what seemed impossible to understand has become quite simple to notice--

    "A focus on scripture"--cannot a CULT produce-- especially when the scripture is focused on the power and immense value of a single individual!


  2. Great Katie. I would add that some of the delusional breakaway scientologists and Ikedabots use the writings of Hubbard and Ikeda against the representative organizations. They mistakenly think that by citing Ikeda/Hubbard guidances that they can sway the organization to recognize them.