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Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Non-political" Soka Gakkai leader Ian McCilraith attends national prayer service with Donald Trump and various other religious leaders

Nichiren on the standard for judging a Buddhist argument

"We should use the sutras as our eyes and give precedence to the wisdom of the Buddha. Surely, however, if this standard is made clear, people will become enraged and be filled with resentment. Let them do as they will. What matters most is that we honor the Buddha’s words. As a rule, people in the world value what is distant and despise what is near, but this is the conduct of the ignorant. Even the distant should be repudiated if it is wrong, while what is near should not be discarded if it accords with the truth. Even though people may revere [their predecessors’ doctrines], if those doctrines are in error, how can we employ them today?"

Why they turn on Nichiren and us

"And so, when I, neither hesitating to speak out nor fearing others, tell them frankly that they are stupid persons who have misunderstood the true meaning of the Buddhist teachings, and that they are slanderers of the Law; when I deliver a sharp rebuke to them, mindful of the Buddha’s golden words "then that monk is betraying Buddhism" and trusting in the passage of scripture that reads, "We will be envoys of the World Honored One, facing the assembly without fear"; when I do this, censuring those who 'suppose they have attained what they have not attained, being proud and boastful in heart,' then how can they fail to turn upon me with hatred and jealousy?"(The Teachings in Accordance With the Buddha's Mind).

SGI haiku

Paddling on denial [da Nile]
Aboard rickety boat,
With sordid captain, 
They drown in the murky waters.

"When You Lose You Actually Win." -- Daisaku Ikeda

The Following is a summary of the October 2009 SGI USA national leader's meeting: 

"When You Lose You Actually Win." 


Tariq Hassan: 

We just got back from Japan receiving guidance and meeting Sensei. Though it was a hard time with the loss of the LDP and Komeito, Sensei was in high spirits. He gave us tremendous guidance, "When you lose you actually win!". So very important, the unity of mentor and disciple as we walk along side our mentor. Sensei said to his Japanese leaders, "please learn from America the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple". We met Hiromasa Ikeda and Vice President Hasagawa who said: "facing times of change, how much greater the mission of America. With ever deeper faith in the oneness of mentor and disciple we will protect sensei." Again, as disciples of President Ikeda let us joyfully advance. We make the mentor proud when we unite wholeheartedly with him. With the Mentor we will always win (does that mean lose? HA HA). Sensei's guidance was on the importance of statistics and statistics department. I am the head of the statistics department though I didn't volunteer for this job (joke). There will be monthly statistics meetings for the districts. New form to remove someone from the SGI statistics roll. I will be happy to assist the SGI in doing statistics. In Japan, it takes six months before someone is removed from statistical rolls, signature of district and chapter chief required. 

Linda Johnson: 

Chant to live up to the mentor. Learn from President Ikeda. He gets this Buddhism. He has never lost (then he has never won?? HA HA sorry to interrupt). Linda J. continues, To manifest your capacity...vital to study Sensei. Send out only Sensei's encouragment on the internet not your own. Lets learn from the best. Home visit every member. It is the time to teach them about Sensei and how to win (which is really losing???). "Bless her" (Kitty Shapiro who helped her when she was a new member) hallelujah. Chant to let me win. (shouldn't she have said, chant to let me lose which is actually to win?). Then she spoke about the attitude one should have when we chant. Maybe she mentioned the Gohonzon one or two times. Determine that your members will win today. Challenge ourselves to care about the members winning. Never leave a home visit without impressing on that person the oneness of mentor of disciple. This is the eternal formula we must get and teach. To insure through our care that every single member always tap unlimited potential and win we must practice with the spirit of mentor and disciple. Change our lives, the lives of our family, and this country. 

Next young mens's division leader Nathan (Abraham Lincoln) Gauer: 

Who will uphold Sensei's legacy? 50th anniversary of his visit to America in July. Culture festivals. Sensei determined to spend the remaining part of his life in America, the country he loves best. Culture Festival for Sensei. REALLY REALLY GREAT (Must be spending too much time with Danny Nagashima.) Real short speech. 

Vanissa Shaw national YWD leader, Crest toothpaste girl, actress, and Ikeda disciple extroadinaire: 

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK THE ERA. ROCK THE ERA MEETINGS AND FESTIVALS IN JULY. AMERICA CAPITAL OF MENTOR AND DISCIPLE. "Entire focus, the mentor". duh. As Sensei has said always sing a gakkai song during our Rock The Era meetings. Sensei we will create the capital of mentor disciple. 

Keith Beeber student division leader: National direction... shakabuku on college campuses. Since July, 15 universities 200 guests and 35 shakabuku. Carry on the spirit of the oneness of mentor and disciple based on the mentors guidance form student groups. Bring joy to Sensei by warmly embracing our leaders. 

Danny Nagashima shouting as usual: 

HELLO EVERYONE ARE YOU HAPPY? THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH. We did 1984 shakabuku in the month of august, the most in twenty years. We have been waiting for this moment for twenty years. (somewhat surprisingly, muted cheering and clapping). The time has come. We have to create AMERICA WITH YOUTH DIVISION. I'M THIRTY YEARS OLD. EVERYONE IS YOUTH DIVISION. AS LONG AS WE SEEK SENSEI WE CAN REMAIN YOUNG. THE KEY TO VICTORY IS STATISTICS. 70 % increase in membership (I have a bridge to sell you). As a disciple of Daisaku Ikeda,the oneness of mentor and disciple IS THE KEY. We will make exhibits of mentor and disciple. Fifty years since Sensie's first visit to United States. We are experiencing in America, the great character of Daisaku Ikeda, we are fusing with him. Something genuine is the oneness of mentor and disciple. What is the Genuine meaning of oneness of mentor and disciple? SEEKING SENSEI (Im getting a freaking migraine). Genuine disciple of sensei is never defeated. Ever victorious. Always winning. KANSAI NEVER LOST SINCE 1957. With your bond with sensei you will be ever victorius, EVER VICTORIOS WITH SENSEI (flailing his arms and coming back to his chest), with sensei. SCREAMING AGAIN. YOU BODHISATTVAS TO CREATE EVER VICTORIOUS AMERICA. HOW MUCH CAN WE CREATE THIS KANSAI. KANSAI NEVER LOST SINCE 1957. Orlando Cepeda joke and then 7 points of victory for Kansai. Oneness of mentor and disciple, repeating it again several times. SHOUTING AGAIN: READING GOSHO AND SENSEI'S GUIDANCE; UNITY; FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE; LIGHTENING SPEED IN COMMUNICATIONS AND GUIDANCE; ACTION ACTION ACTION; ALWAYS WIN (which means lose?); Last one I didn't get(BECOME A LION?) BASED ON ONENESS OF MENTOR AND DISCIPLE. 

Platitudes upon platitudes. 

6 mentions of Nichiren Daishonin. > 100 mentions of Ikeda. No mention of Shakyamuni. One or, at most, two mentions of the Gohonzon, No mention of the Lotus Sutra. 

Are they winning? That must mean losing HA HA. 

Protect Sensei? The guy's already got dozens of body guards who will take a bullet for his old self but they want you to protect him all the way from New Jersey. 

On October 13, 1282, surrounded by his disciples and followers, and reciting with them the "Stanzas of Eternity" (Ji Ga Ge) from the 16th Chapter of the Lotus Sutra, Nichiren expired at the age of sixty one. The cherry trees bloomed out of season and the earth quaked. Our tears flow unceasingly. 

Anonymous shares Fukushima updates

  1. From ANONYMOUS ROY The komeito continues to ally itself withe the evil fascist Abe government. Meanwhile school children are tortured in public's schools for simply having been Fukushima victims. The evil Abe government, sgi members in Japan, komeito sanction it. How fucking evil can anyone or any organization be.
  2. Roy
    Abe now admits that Tokyo is significantly contaminated from Fukushima.
  3. Roy

    This is exactly the kind of propaganda SGI uses on its members.

Two translations of the same difficult passage from On Rebuking Slander of the Law and Eradicating Sins

"...We see from the sutra that only these four bodhisattvas had been the disciples of Shakyamuni, the lord of teachings, since numberless major world system dust particle kalpas in the past; from the time he had first aroused the aspiration for and attained enlightenment, they had never followed any other Buddha, nor had they required the instruction of the theoretical and essential teachings.

Thus T’ien-t’ai says, 'The great assembly witnessed the Bodhisattvas of the Earth alone making this pledge.' He also states, “[The Buddha said of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth,] ‘These are my disciples, destined to propagate my Law.’ Miao-lo says, 'The children propagate the Law of the father.' And Tao-hsien states, “The Law embodied therein [in the Lotus Sutra] is the Law that was realized countless kalpas in the past, and therefore it was entrusted to persons who had been the Buddha’s disciples from countless kalpas in the past.' Thus these five characters of Myoho-renge-kyo were entrusted to these four bodhisattvas." (WND)

“It appears that these Four Bodhisattvas are the people who are the disciples of the Master of Teachings Lord Shakya since kalpas as many as the worlds touched or not by the dust particles of five hundred of tens of trillions of nayutas of assamkheyas of great trichiliocosms (gohyaku jinden go) and who also, from their first arising of the Bodhi Mind, have not adhered to other Buddhas and who have not yet made an appearance in the Two Doctrines [of the Manifestations and the Original]. Tendai says, “He only sees the issuing of vows from the direction below [the Earth]”. He also says, “These are My disciples; they should spread My Dharma” and so on. Myoraku says, “The child spreads the father's Dharma." Tao‑hsien says, “Since the Dharma is the Dharma of the One Who Attained Long Ago, therefore He assigns it to the people of the One Who Attained Long Ago." It is the Five Characters Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo that He yields to these Four People.” (STN, v. 1, 783‑784 -- Lamont)

"All that is important is whether a belief is in accord with the scriptures." -- Nichiren

"The truth of Buddhism has nothing to do with the opinion of the majority. All that is important is whether a belief is in accord with the scriptures. And, further, the golden words of the Buddha have already informed us that in the age of the Latter Day of the Law those who uphold the Right Dharma would be few in number. Thus the Nirvana Sutra says that "those who uphold the Right Dharma are as few as the grains of earth on a fingernail, and those that slander the Dharma are as numerous as the earth in of all the ten directions".

SGI are sick and twisted individuals. Don't be fooled.

Only after Hiroshima and Nagasaki did Toda become a pacifist

Article by Guna

"In 1941, Soka Kyoiku Gakkai issued their first monthly periodical, Kachi Sozo. The Japanese nation, unable to extricate herself from the prolonged Sino-Japanese conflict, was on the verge of entering another new war against the joint forces of the USA & England. It was a period of mounting tension, for in December of that same year, the Pacific War was to begin. The prewar Japanese  society under the militaristic government brought unwanted pressure upon the lives of the Japanese people all the more. A thought-control policy was rigidly imposed; even religions and ideologies were increasingly subjected to strict control. The philosophical thoughts of Soka Kyoiku Gakkai were of no exception; they, too, were rapidly turning into those of extremely militaristic outlook, reflecting the social background of this age.

Today Soka Gakkai & SGI are desperately trying to conceal their wartime record, doing their utmost best and expending every means available to distort their past militaristic attitude. They attempt to project the image of the eternal peace-loving humanitarian group, and on every occasion everywhere, they loudly publicized their 'anti-war, culture, education, and humanisrri stance as if they  have always been staunchly in favor of them. Yet the reality indicates differently. The historical and documented facts can not be easily expunged nor erased from the records.

Mr. Tsunesaburo Makiguchi's remarks, carefully documented in the 'Corrobo- rate Records of Life based on the Philosophy of Value of the Supreme Goodness published on August l0th,1942, under the heading, "The Instruction Manual Summarizing the Experiments and Testimonials of Life based on the Philosophy of Value of the Supreme Goodness," substantiate their militaristic viewpoint:

"'Sacrifice your own skin to slash the opponent's flesh. Surrender your own flesh to saw off the opponent's bone.' With their faithful implementation of this well-known Japanese fencing (kendo) strategy into actual practice during the war, the Japanese military is able to achieve her glorious, ever-victorious invincibility in the Sino-Japan conflict and in the Pacific war, and thus, easing the minds of the Japa- nese people. This [strategy of sacrifice] should be held as an ideal lifestyle for those remaining on the home front and should be applied in every aspect of our daily life.

The same manual also contains a report on the agenda for the 4th Soka Kyoiku Gakkai General Meeting held on May l7th,1942 at Hitotsubashi Kyoiku Kaikan in Kanda, Tokyo as follows:

"... (Omission)... Approximately four hundred members were present. At 10 o'clock a.m., facing toward the Imperial Palace,.a silent prayer for the war casualties was offered. The meeting proceeded according to the agenda. In another room, the Sobi Kado Kai, the Flower Arrangement Society, whose principle guidelines for instructions are based on the theory of Value-Creation, held a flower arrangement ex- hibition. There was also a display of various prizes awarded to children educated under the same guiding pedagogical method. This greatly impressed all those in attendance, further increasing their appreciation of their own life based on the mer its of the doctrine of'faith equals daily life.' Immediately after concluding the General Meeting proceedings, Director Toda was nominated to chair the discussion meet- ing which followed with all the participants attending. Personal testimonials were given on the topic of "How to Establish Faith in One's Daily Life." After this, there was a very serious, intense question and answer session. Director Iwasaki spoke next with his closing speech, and lastly, President Makiguchi led three cheers of "Banzai" ("Long Live the Emperor") for His Majesty the Emperor. The meeting ended shortly after 4 p.m."
The Opening Address - by Director Nojima

"Since the start of the Great East Asia Co-Prosperity War, the brilliant military achievements and glorious war results [of the Japanese military] are due to the fact that the Lotus Sutra is the guardian spirit of our country. After listening to the reas- suring news of the string of great victories broadcasted on the radio last evening, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and ever more appreciative of being able to open the meeting today." The Closing Speech - by Director Iwasaki

"What is the usual state of life in this mundane world? Life itself is a heavy chain, hopelessly in bondage to individualism, the intrigues, the jealousies, the re- jections, the illusions and the insecurities. We, however, are not, in the least, fettered by any of these bonds. When I think about this blessed state, I believe we have already won the victorious battles in the struggle for the Great East Asia Co-Prosper- ity War. As one member of the divine Japanese Empire's civilian front, I am fully aware of our one great mission, which we are held accountable. It is the most natu- ral duty as patriots to generate industrialization, to offer our professional skills and abilities, to save our money and savings, and to lead a life of simplicity and thrifti- ness. Nevertheless, if there is one member of Soka Kyoiku Gakkai who thinks he has fulfilled his patriotic duty as a member of the civilian home front by merely carrying out the above sacrifices, then he is gravely mistaken. What then is our true mission? It is, without exception, to conduct shakubuku. Through our shakubuku, we teach others and spread this life of happiness to the general society. When all insecurities, illusions, jealousies, rejections, chains and fetters in this world have dissipated, at that time, an indestructible home front will be constructed. This civilian front will never surrender, fighting till the bitter end to establish the Great East Asia Co-Pros- perity Sphere no matter how long it may take.

These wartime remarks by the members of Soka Kyoiku Gakkai are a far cry from their "anti-war' and "peace-loving" stance the Gakkai so vehemently claim they are and have always been in the past."
Comment: Only after Hiroshima and Nagasaki did Toda become a pacifist.

The power plant?

"Think of the example of an electric light. Assuming of course that the light bulb itself is not burned out, no bright light will shine forth from an electric light to which the electricity does not flow because of a blown fuse, no matter how many times one turns on the switch. Even though the light bulb itself works fine, without electricity, the light will not shine. Accordingly, those who do not worship the Dai-Gohonzon of Fuji Taisekiji are slanderers." (Shakubuku Kyoten, [Shakubuku Manual], p. 339)

They are a strange bunch.

Today, the Gakkai repudiates the Nichiren Shoshu doctrine of The Bequeathal to One Sole Individual which was heavily promoted in their Bible of Shakubuku. Now they embrace the Bequethal to the Three Presidents. Six of one, a half a dozen of another. They also continue to embrace the Nichiren Shoshu doctrine of Nichiren as True Buddha, contrary to the teachings of the Nichiren himself. In light of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren, they are a strange bunch.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Why SGI members are deprived of the Shakubuku Kyoten [Manual of Forced Conversion or Bible of Shakubuku edited by Daisaku Ikeda]

"The Daishonin's soul would never reside within a Gohonzon he inscribed but which is in the possession of those who commit the slander of turning their backs upon Fuji Taisekiji." -- Soka Gakkai Shakubuku Kyoten, p. 340

Because the Shakubuku Kyoten supports the Nichiren Shoshu and denounces the Soka Gakkai's own actions as heresies, SGI members are deprived the Manual of Forced Conversion.

Nichiren Shoshu mumbo jumbo

62. What is the meaning behind "sanction"?
In general, "sanction" means that the master gives his sanction to a disciple's enlightenment.  In Nichiren Shoshu, the object of worship that forms the basis of faith and practise is the Original Buddha's enlightenment and is the entity of the Buddha, so sanction for the Gohonzon itself is absolutely necessary.  According to Nichiren Shoshu, the sanctioning of the object of worship by the High Priest, who is the only person to be bequeathed the Daishonin's Buddhism, is what makes the attainment of Buddhahood possible, so an object of worship that does not have the High Priest's sanction is a "counterfeit object of worship" and worshipping it becomes the cause for falling into hell. It is also written in the Soka Gakkai "Shakubuku Kyoten (Shakubuku Manual)":
"In light of passages from 'On the Three Great Secret Laws' and 'TheTrue Object of Worship,' it is clearly understood that it is a tremendous mistake to worship an unsanctioned object of worship."  (p. 340)
[c. 1996, Nichiren Shoshu Temple]

SGI members too are ignorant and simple minded people

"Ignorant and simple-minded people have failed to look to the clear, correct dictates of the sutras and have vainly believed instead in the secret transmissions that have been orally handed down from master to disciple. Though they claim to be practicing the prayer of the 'Secret Law,' there is no real proof of its efficacy." -- Nichiren

Fact not fiction... Ikeda's stance on whaling

Ikeda is pro-whaling, arguing that whale meat is the staple of many Japanese.

The many and the few

"... the Two Dharmas of the Causal Practices and Effect [Virtues] of Lord Shakya are fully possessed in the Five Characters 'Myo ho ren ge kyo'; when we receive and keep these Five Characters He spontaneously yields and assigns [to us] the merits of those Causes and Effect" (Kanjin Honzon sho, STN, v. 1, 711).

"One receives because of faith; one keeps because of recalling." (Hokke mongu (Text Commentary on the Lotus Sutra) T.34.107c).

"The people who hear and receive this Sutra are many; the people who, as they have truly heard and received it, though great persecutions come, keep it in memory and do not forget it are few. To receive it is easy; to keep it is difficult. Therefore, attaining Buddhahood lies in keeping. The persons who would keep this Sutra keep it with the understanding that they shall encounter persecution.There is no doubt that 'They then will quickly obtain The Supreme Buddha Way' ["Chapter of the Jeweled Stupa"11 (T.9.34b)]. To recall 'Namu Myoho renge kyo' which is the Great Matter of the Buddhas of the Three Eras [Past, Present, and Future] we call 'keeping.' In the Sutra it says, '[We] shall guard and keep what the Buddha has entrusted.' ["Chapter of the Practices of Peaceful Joy"(T.9.36c)] Tendai Daishi says, 'One receives because of faith; one keeps because of recalling.' It also says,

"This Sutra is difficult to keep;
If there is one who keeps it even for short while,
I shall at once rejoice
And the Buddhas shall likewise do so' " 
["Chapter of the Jeweled Stupa" 11 (T.9.34b)] (Shijo dono gohenji, STN, v. 1, 894).

"Each person of Japan and so on to the Land of Han, the Yuezhi [India], and the whole of Jambudvipa, regardless of whether they have wisdom or have no wisdom, should uniformly abandon other matters and chant 'Namu Myoho renge kyo'" (Hoon sho, STN, v. 2, 1248).

Our copies of Nichiren Gohonzon "contain the power of evil spirits" according to Josei Toda

"We, ourselves, cannot produce the Gohonzon. Since it's the enlightened entity of Nichiren Daishonin **no one** has the authority other than the successive high priests who have been the sole heirs to the heritage of the True Law. We take no part in this. Therefore, the objects of worship inscribed by those in the Butsuryu and Minobu factions [of the Nichiren sect] are absolutely powerless. They are worthless because they are fake. In fact, they contain the power of evil spirits. That is why they are dangerous." Josei Toda, Daibyaku Renge, 98, p. 98.

"The time to attack is Now." -- SGI Kitano Memo

"Somebody goes over to Danto and starts a point, but we do nothing. A line or Danto group starts and we do nothing. It then increases- regional, registered by law - and if we still do nothing then a Temple will be built. Sensei says: "If you challenge evil, then you must decide the time and the place to destroy evil". Basically: Choose the 'place' while it is still relatively small, and this applies equally to the 'time', ie the time to attack is Now."

"In order to destroy the overseas strategies of the Nikken sect, I want to make a suggestion to all the representatives that we start a special SGI campaign against the Nikken sect starting today to last until the end of the Tozan of 100,000 people."-- Kitano Memo