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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Nichiren Shoshu mumbo jumbo

62. What is the meaning behind "sanction"?
In general, "sanction" means that the master gives his sanction to a disciple's enlightenment.  In Nichiren Shoshu, the object of worship that forms the basis of faith and practise is the Original Buddha's enlightenment and is the entity of the Buddha, so sanction for the Gohonzon itself is absolutely necessary.  According to Nichiren Shoshu, the sanctioning of the object of worship by the High Priest, who is the only person to be bequeathed the Daishonin's Buddhism, is what makes the attainment of Buddhahood possible, so an object of worship that does not have the High Priest's sanction is a "counterfeit object of worship" and worshipping it becomes the cause for falling into hell. It is also written in the Soka Gakkai "Shakubuku Kyoten (Shakubuku Manual)":
"In light of passages from 'On the Three Great Secret Laws' and 'TheTrue Object of Worship,' it is clearly understood that it is a tremendous mistake to worship an unsanctioned object of worship."  (p. 340)
[c. 1996, Nichiren Shoshu Temple]


  1. repeating myself....their is no way possible to truly study the teacher for the latter age, nichiren, and come to the conclusion that what the shoshu or the sgi teach about buddhism is correct. really strange.

  2. Which is why "Ikeda Wisdom Academy" was established!! SGI Must continue to distract and indoctrinate the *disciples* of the *mentor*-- even to the degree that the disciples won't even notice the *mentor* has disappeared !!

    But there are still a few of us who read and follow Nichiren-- how reassuring!!


    1. i wish you were wrong...but you are correct.