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Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Non-political" Soka Gakkai leader Ian McCilraith attends national prayer service with Donald Trump and various other religious leaders


  1. It is noteworthy who Donald Trump personally chose to enhance his effectiveness on a *religious* level.

    Is it a coincidence that there are populist religious movements that defy and degrade the doctrines of the religions they represent-- in exactly the same manner as SGI defies and degrades the doctrines of Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Buddhism ?

    The power and wealth of any religious group is a red flag for heresy ! But it is the SGI that most blatantly exemplifies the root cause of the destruction of the spiritual fabric of America and the world-- Ian's face is the personification of Great Evil !


  2. i repeat....this election is more religious than political and more than anything lies the danger. even the preparatory teachings have been hijacked by haters who resided in the lower worlds. all of them. chump is the fruit of ikeda and his cult. both ikeda and chump represent the great evil. whatever minor good he may do , the harm will be much, much greater.

    didn't know ian mc because his day was after i left the sgi cult. my first encounter with ian mc was circa 1999. the biggest phony i have ever met, outside of ikeda and a few other stupids. i felt like he was trying to bless me..yuck...get away from me you creep !

  3. Totally agree, Greg-- maybe a teaching moment at hand. For all of the excuses and even the denial of unjust and inhumane actions by SGI leadership against members, it is stunning how the NEW authoritarian POTUS executes his authority with emphasis on dissent=betrayal!! this is exactly the M.O that even loyal SGI leaders have witnessed believing it was a necessary means to "protecting the members"-- . I don't think there has ever been a more obvious example of the body-shadow relationship between SGI/NST and American society.

    Can SGI leaders, like my good friend in Baltimore ignore the similarities between Tump and his administration and Ikeda and "them"? Will they think they the destruction of our democracy and rampant violations of human and civil rights is just as good for Americans as it id for their "organization"?

    Ian is very two -faced, patronizing and pretentious. I still shudder when I recall his interventions for my district when it was disbanded in 1998-- he was an information gatherer who helped Zaitsu and the CEC screw us over big time-- and do it in a way that cast us in the role of "traitors". I shudder because I imagined him chanting --appearing in all ways to be a Buddhist leader-- HOW can anyone chant the daimoku and be so warped and evil?

    Well, finding out they aren't chanting Nichiren's daimoku and have never had faith in the true teachings explains it-- The danger they pose is beyond my ability to express in words--


    1. ah yes, pretentious is perfect word for describing ian. he reeks. as i have said, it had been more than a few years since i had removed myself from the sgi/nsa cult and was happily practicing on my own with a little contact with the shoshu. i was invited to come to a bowling picnic sponsored by the sgi around '99. i was told that some of my old friends wanted me to attend. for this specific reason i went. it was the sgi's way of wooing used to be members and leaders back to the fold. it was there that i first met ian mc. he reminded me of my ex wife...completely phony. he wanted to talk to me and make sure i was secure and comfortable."let us just enjoy our day together" , he said to me, with a phony smile on his face. his cadence in his speech was that of a japanese man. straight from the playbook of ikeda. i felt like saying..who do you think you are , my daddy? get away from me creepy dude. i would have preferred for him to threaten me like many others have. at least it would be real. five minutes with him was all i could take. the life condition of shudder can be good or bad, double edge sword. with eyes open, ian, ikeda and trump produce a bad shutter. thank goodness(literally), there are some people who can see trump for who he is.

      for some reason, for me, somewhere around the late 80's/90's my eyes opened and i could see the hardcore's for who they really are. including ikeda senseless. in spite of this, somehow i knew that real buddhism was great and a worthwhile pursuit.

      as nichiren teaches...if the body is bent, so will be the shadow. there can be no other reason, except the perversion of buddhism for the rampant insanity in our world. buddhism teaches that the provisional teachings will become poison after the appearance of the true dharma. this is in fact, what we see.

      today, buddhism has only a devil for a parent. the children frolic and play. we have had many presidents and all politicians lie, but now we have pure evil in the big house. like ikeda, big money is no longer enough. trump, like ikeda, has a unhealthy desire to be worshiped. he is a MOI = a little boy inside a mans body. the children folic and play unaware of the danger(mostly christians, not all), unaware that they have a devil for a parent. we now know that ikeda has not been seen in public for 5-6 years. he is either dead or in horrible shape. why else would they hide him? his relics live on.

      some of the american people may gain from chumps dictatorship but it will only be in a material sense if at all. for that, the price will be steep. sgi has been successful at quashing decent. will chump be as successful? one worries.

      praise to the efforts of mark and his eagle peak which appears to be the only group that speaks out for the eternal buddha. one should speak out, according to nichiren, and it is our great good fortune to be able to. however, in truth, the desire to uphold the correct law comes from ones own heart first. if the seed is not there, it cannot bloom. as it has with mark, myself, shinkei, katie and even mudpie. like you, people will find this site if their heart yearns. and yes, in the latter age, it is rare.

      i think nichiren identified mostly with the "never disparaging" chapter because it is there that the teaching of the poison drum is taught. like nichiren, we are the seed planters. who knows when those seeds will develop. we know that the genesis of wrong thought, warped mind, is the heart that has no real faith in the lotus sutra. yes katie, beyond words.


    2. Thanks for sharing Greg. So true. My take however is that Obama, Bush, Trump, Nixon, Johnson, Reagan are six of one a half dozen of another. At least Trump is for detente with Russia. Why have to worry about nuclear war? Friends with Russia make that possibility less likely. Russia is Ukraine's and the Baltic's problem as Mexico is our problem. Russia's not over here. Why should we be over there?

    3. hey mark...i hope u r feeling better. we would definitely be disagreeing on this matter. my reply to many over on utube is that i agree that america needed a big change and i have been saying so for many years. no argument there. however to take something that is pretty bad and make it 1000 times worse can't be smart. surely you see what trump has brought out from this country. not saying he created it but signed off on the worst this country, its religion, its hypocrisy/lying has to offer. i will keep this short. here is the difference, trump admires dictators...he encouragers them and what he speaks out for has king overtones. america got rid of our king over two hundred years ago and we don't need another. apparently russia hacked our election at the request of trump on national t v. i heard it myself. he cleans the swamp with billionaires. i have worked for many people with big, big money and the one thing i learned is that they cannot relate to average people. not at all. in truth, their reality makes them crazy. we have plenty of examples. its all rotten, i agree, but nichiren claimed to be the eyes of japan and religion is worthless if it is not just that. as we do here at eagle peak, thanks to u, we stand up for real buddhism. i read a article this morning from a christian pastor, calling out christians for supporting trump and his phony claims of being a good christian for selfish gain. this election is religious more than anything. and christianity is the engine on this one. the last time the repubs were in charge, they started a war with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. america needs to own what we created. yeah, i know, its all obamas fault. trump is a bully and its just a matter of time before we start killing more people. i think nichiren would say "burn it all down", i agree but we have what we have. best wishes to you and nancy. i am a little fragile also. NAMU MYOHO RENGE KYO!

    4. Certainly Greg, at this time, after the SGI and the Nichiren Shoshu, the very worst teachings are those of Mohammad. Trump will see to it that these evil teachings and the jihadists are eradicated. Everyone knows he is an atheist using the evangelicals for his own agenda.

    5. not everyone, in fact, not that many. i wish people understood what wrong religion/thought is and how crucial right thought is. from the stand point of the sun, are we that much better than than the people in the middle east? trump is just another cult. i think there is merit in there mistrust of america and what we do. to me it seems like nichiren joining forces with the zen in order to fight the nembutsu. ney, instead nichiren speaks out about both of them. why is it that trump and america always has to have an enemy? americans don't mind a good war until the body bags coming home get too heavy. this is what ended the viet nam war. pointless. iraq..pointless. islam is preparatory poison, but so is christianity. it was, the evil was over there. now it is over there and over here. i liked it better when it was over there. ok, well i guess its a difference of opinion. we can still enjoy our difference of opinion and freedom of choice. if it was up to trump ....i have my doubts. cheers.

    6. After SGI, Nichiren Shoshu, and Nichiren Shu, I would say the Q'uran and its followers are most evil, worthy too of their eradication from the face of the earth.

    7. no disagreement there. however, it seems that chump and his high priced liars are more interested in attacking our country and its constitution . america got rid of a king over 200 years ago. it surely seems that in the latter age, the devil wins.

  4. "i think Nichiren identified mostly with the "never disparaging" chapter because it is there that the teaching of the poison drum is taught. like nichiren, we are the seed planters. who knows when those seeds will develop. we know that the genesis of wrong thought, warped mind, is the heart that has no real faith in the lotus sutra..."

    I agree! Stepping away from the SGI one finds people who are yearning to "see the Buddha"-- as opposed to those seeking to fulfill small ego driven desires--such as those who were *recruited* into SGI--

    I am confident that the seeds we are planting is the beginning of true, widespread propagation of Myoho-renge-kyo. I am heartened by the fact that it is literally a "few" who have followed Nichiren on this course!!