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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Our copies of Nichiren Gohonzon "contain the power of evil spirits" according to Josei Toda

"We, ourselves, cannot produce the Gohonzon. Since it's the enlightened entity of Nichiren Daishonin **no one** has the authority other than the successive high priests who have been the sole heirs to the heritage of the True Law. We take no part in this. Therefore, the objects of worship inscribed by those in the Butsuryu and Minobu factions [of the Nichiren sect] are absolutely powerless. They are worthless because they are fake. In fact, they contain the power of evil spirits. That is why they are dangerous." Josei Toda, Daibyaku Renge, 98, p. 98.


  1. I don't see the part where Josei Toda explains how the*high priests* attained the power to *produce the Gohonzon*--? Perhaps they , NST and SGI are ALL-- just HIGH??

    It's more than a little strange, at least to me, how ignorant Toda was regarding Nichiren's life-- his teachings and Minobu in general -- since Toda lived in the same tiny island country where Nichiren spent his entire life!! Toda was an "educator" who found research and on site investigation unnecessary!! Go figure!


  2. glass to glass the container changes but the water that is transferred remains pure and unchanged. from nichiren(the true buddha who was the actual teacher of the lotus sutra, specifically from the fifteenth chapter), to each successive high priest. this is their perverted teaching and ridiculous understanding. especially since nichiren revered and followed the real teacher of the lotus sutra and described himself as the leader of the B O E. its seems obvious that the japanese being of intense arrogance(according to nichiren) needed to have the "true buddha" be japanese. easier to sell to the people. this is their transmission of the law story. when nichiren actually taught that the transmission was simply the daimoku. its obvious that not long after nichirens death the mixing of the teachings began. as we know faith is the key to entry and understanding(correct faith). it appears that the shoshu and gakkai lacked real faith therefore making up bazar interpretations to suit their agendas. all deeply deluded. today it is so thick and hope for them in this life. in most cases. however, according to the teachings it is far better to have a reverse relationship with the law than none at all. we know that the shoshu and sgi is not buddhism at all. cheers.

  3. Excellent points. Greg! Clearly a marketing strategy was enacted as soon as word of Nichiren's passing had spread--

    Wonder why the Shoshu and the Gakkai continued to print and sell the Gosho? What a stupid move in light of their divergence from the teachings themselves--


    1. one could say many things about your thought. i think the simple answer to that is.....they cannot see themselves clearly. its kind of like if one wants to travel to boston, nothing wrong with that, but if they don't know where they are starting from, they won't know which way to go. lol. their delusion is deeper than that of people who have never encountered the law.