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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

SGI members too are ignorant and simple minded people

"Ignorant and simple-minded people have failed to look to the clear, correct dictates of the sutras and have vainly believed instead in the secret transmissions that have been orally handed down from master to disciple. Though they claim to be practicing the prayer of the 'Secret Law,' there is no real proof of its efficacy." -- Nichiren


  1. From ANONYMOUS ROY The komeito continues to ally itself withe the evil fascist Abe government. Meanwhile school children are tortured in public's schools for simply having been Fukushima victims. The evil Abe government, sgi members in Japan, komeito sanction it. How fucking evil can anyone or any organization be.

  2. Roy
    Abe now admits that Tokyo is significantly contaminated from Fukushima.

  3. Roy

    This is exactly the kind of propaganda SGI uses on its members.