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Sunday, January 29, 2017

They are a strange bunch.

Today, the Gakkai repudiates the Nichiren Shoshu doctrine of The Bequeathal to One Sole Individual which was heavily promoted in their Bible of Shakubuku. Now they embrace the Bequethal to the Three Presidents. Six of one, a half a dozen of another. They also continue to embrace the Nichiren Shoshu doctrine of Nichiren as True Buddha, contrary to the teachings of the Nichiren himself. In light of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren, they are a strange bunch.

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  1. indeed.
    after i resigned from the sgi in 1987, about a year or two later is when the sgi began its nasty, shallow. petty bickering and name calling toward the shoshit. not too much later it became clear to me that what they bitched about, they practiced themselves. the only difference was what they called it. it used to make me laugh. i think it was then that i fully realized how stupid being in a cult will make one. i spent some time with nst but never could by their program.