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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Why SGI members are deprived of the Shakubuku Kyoten [Manual of Forced Conversion or Bible of Shakubuku edited by Daisaku Ikeda]

"The Daishonin's soul would never reside within a Gohonzon he inscribed but which is in the possession of those who commit the slander of turning their backs upon Fuji Taisekiji." -- Soka Gakkai Shakubuku Kyoten, p. 340

Because the Shakubuku Kyoten supports the Nichiren Shoshu and denounces the Soka Gakkai's own actions as heresies, SGI members are deprived the Manual of Forced Conversion.


  1. How 'bout we view the SGI/NST as *populist buddhist movements* forerunners of the current re-emergenge of alt-right, White supremacists movements ??

    Widespread global slander is reflected-- globally ?? The current political discourse does lend some possible ways of clarifying exactly what SGI/NST are--* populist *seems like a good description-- and cult following is definitely being discussed in political terms now --


    1. well said. like in buddhism of the lotus sutra the issue for the american people(and really all people), is whether they will stand up for what is right(human life first). avarice, anger and stupidity = the latter day.
      when i encounter a chumper on the net, with the last name of romero, both men and women can be pretty "you will be one of the first ones to go" they don't know that i am half spanish and half swedish, heavy on the swedish side. my reply is to tell them that they will get no argument out of me about whether america needed a big change, but that to take something that is not so good and make it 100 times worse is just stupid. i also remind them that the germans had to learn the hard way. cults are bad seeds.