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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Again and again the SGI members laugh at us ["LOL, LOL, LOL" -- Moamita pal]

Ahaha, Atata, Arara

I have often been derided by SGI members. Sometimes, they state, "I am laughing at you." I then teach them about Ahaha, Atata, Arara which few of them have ever heard of. I tell them they are confusing laughter with Ahaha, Atata, and Arara. I would like to share with you this concept.

"Two different kinds of hell exist beneath the earth.
The first is a hell of flame; the fire of this hell is like
molten iron, which ignites charcoal, burns fields, and
consumes all things. To burn sinners in such a fire is
simple, exactly like throwing paper or wood chips into a
bonfire. Those who commit arson-robbery, who attack their
enemies with fire, or women whose hearts burn with jealousy
fall into this flaming hell and must suffer the intense

The second kind of hell is a hell of ice. There are eight
hells of ice as explained by the Nirvana Sutra: "Eight
hells of ice and cold exist. They are the Ahaha Hell, the
Atata Hell, the Arara Hell, the Ababa Hell, the Ubara Hell,
the Hazuma Hell, the Kumozu Hell, and the Fundara Hell."
The names of the eight hells of ice and cold arise from
sinners' different screams of pain and their different skin
colors caused by the cold. The bitter cold of these hells
is like the north wind of Lake Suwa in Shinano Province
(Nagano Prefecture) or on Mount Tateyama in Etchu Province
(Toyama Prefecture). Imagine the intense cold which causes
the birds atop Mount Hakusan of Kaga Province (Ishikawa
Prefecture) to huddle with their wings folded. Imagine the
lonely cold of the widow's feet. Imagine the desperate cold
of the pheasant, forced down and surrounded by snow. Having
to endure the cold, the sinners shiver with their chins
chattering, and they say, "ahaha, atata, arara." The cold
causes the sinners' skins to turn red, a condition called
"red lotus" or "great red lotus."

Those who fall into this hell are those who steal clothes,
or who warm themselves while their parents or teachers
suffer from the cold in this life. (A Response to the Wife of Lord Ota).

Those who make offerings to the Lotus Sutra and the votaries avoid falling into such hells. Those who trouble the votaries and slander the Lotus Sutra fall into such hells.

President Ikeda and the Leaders of the SGI who trample on the dignity of the Lotus Sutra and the true disciples of Nichiren Daishonin are already in the two cold hells. "I Seek Sensei" is Ahaha. "Buddhahood is only found in the SGI" is Atata. "The Lotus Sutra has lost its validity in Mappo" is Arara.


  1. Hi Marc.I recently came across your web sight and so far from what I read I agree with a lot of it. In my opinion in a nut shell the organization hides behind the idea of world peace yet the members are completely oblivious to the fact that they are just being trained into a group mentality who's underlying purpose is control the world.Unfortunatly a lot of the members have pure hearts and are oblivious to this.I was such a member.I feel bad for them and at the same time I am so angry that this is happening.I have seen normal human beings turn into robots.I actually began to loose connection with my spirit/Budda nature/innerbeing/God (whatever you want to call it)It took a huge disastrous occurrence in my life to finally see the light.I always kept an arms lenghth from the organization for fear of being sucked in but at a time I was week I got sucked into there way of thinking which had horrific consequences.Little by little I am gaining my balance from the events that took place in my life.This group is dangerous without a doubt.If I could put one word to discribe its essence that would be psychopath.But I decided that focusing on sgi serves no purpose in my life so I just want to let the whole thing go.I don't want to waste my life thinking about how messed up it is.I have better things to do with my short life on earth.My question to you is what is your intent of this web you really want to use your precious energy and life to punch against the blind people?If you do that is the same as what they do with the priests.In time this organization will crumble.Its all man made.Just some of my thoughts.

    1. hello anonymous, i joined the sgi/nsa a long time ago. it was back in july of 1967. i have continued my practice for all these years. if we speak again , i can explain much more in detail. mark will make a reply to you soon.

      thanks for sharing your thoughts and a bit of your experience with us. sgi and the nichiren shoshu have completely perverted the teachings of buddism and what they teach and practice is not what the buddha or his emissary for the latter day(mappo), nichiren, really taught. if one studies the real teachings one will find that the buddha predicts that in the latter age there will be few who will and can correctly uphold the lotus sutra(myoho renge kyo). this is what we try to do here and in our lives. sgi is not really buddhism. it is ikedaism and japanese culture. in other words rather than uphold the law made clear by the buddha...they instead slander it, even though they claim to be the the only way. if one deeply studies the teaching, i e the writing's nichiren, one will find that they, the sgi/nst completely contradict real buddhism. anyway, this subject can get deep and quite long. i hope that u will continue to study buddhism here and ask any questions you may have. we are only interested in upholding the the lotus sutra as the medicine for the ills of mankind as described by the buddha and the teacher for mappo, nichiren. buddhim teaches that this action is a great cause that will lead to the attainment of buddhahood in this life. congratulations to you on being able to see that something is wrong with the sgi. now, try and seek the answer to why it is what it is. thanks again. cheers!

    2. it looks like no one can discuss real buddhism. the world reflects exactly that. very sad indeed!

  2. Yes Greg. Anonymous...Nichiren teaches the concept of "complicity in slander". If we see someone going against the teachings and we fail to speak out we are complicit in slander. For this reason I continue to speak out.

  3. Listen up Anonymous !! Since you already know of the detrimental effects of affiliation with SGI, you should // and can count on ( believe me) the effects for remaining silent when you " walk away" are far worse.

    The good news is that all of these matters are addressed by Nichiren in the Gosho - including the wonderful benefit of upholding
    These teachings and rebuking slander!

    Begin your study anew-- rely on Nichiren !