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Saturday, February 11, 2017

SGI tells you what it thinks you want to hear

"In an article, Greg Martin recalls being asked on a TV show what Buddhists think about the resurrection of Jesus. He said that when first asked the question, his first thought was that we don't think about it much at all. That would have been the correct and honest answer. But, believing in interfaith dialog, of course, he decided to make up an answer that they would like. So he instead replied, "The key point is that as we walk through this life we should strive to emulate his behaviour, to be Jesus ourselves, not to worship his power. Therefore, we would regard Jesus as a teacher." The Christian interviewer said, "That's absolutely correct. How did you do that?" I'll tell you how he did it. Rather than explaining Buddhism correctly and with honesty, he instead told you what he thought you wanted to hear. Duh. And the thing is that Greg Martin was so proud of himself for lying about his beliefs to win accolades from a non-Buddhist that he actually wrote a story about it later to let everyone know how ingenious his response was. This is SGI." -- Shannon Heimburg

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  1. too bad about shannon. however, regarding this, she is absolutely correct. courage is not her problem...its something else.