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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The SGI All Surpassing Greed and the Greatness of the Disciples and Believers of Nichiren.

Value Creating Society

Here's how you do it. Get tens of thousands of people to work for free, either in leadership positions or as laborers to renovate real estate holdings. Not only do these people work for free but they donate huge amount of monies to the cult. This is the true meaning of the Value Creation Society.

They squeeze out every ounce of the value of a human being to create value for themselves. This is what they do to the poor members and leaders who they always "encourage" to do more for the Soka Gakkai. Then when they complain that they can't develop themselves because of all the activities, they are told it is not all the activities, it is not doing enough activities or weak faith. Then after ten or twenty years when they have accomplished little, they are ostracized, ignored and discarded. Once they have squeezed out the juice they throw away the rind.

But there are exceptions. The favored few like Herbie Hancock and the sons and daughters of top leaders who are told, " Its ok not to do so many activities, your studies and accomplishments are for the Soka Gakkai."

Still other exceptions are the rabidly loyal few who need have neither secular accomplishments nor family connections in order to advance and they become the salaried top leaders. Those morons like Danny Nagashima and David Kasahara are the true sons of the Gakkai. As long as they are not too revered, like George Williams, they will continue to wield near absolute power over the direction of the organization and continue to draw salaries and benefits commensurate with their positions. Then there are those other rabidly loyal members, the financial and legal specialists who work for free, always in the background but who receive personal guidance, special awards, and who are lavished with praise by the cult master himself. These, like Greg Wolpert and Hank Johnson are the puppets of the Gakkai. Though puppets, they are extremely dangerous. Under the direction of Nagashima and Kasahara, they create huge problems for the influential who oppose the Gakkai.

The SGI All Surpassing Greed and the Greatness of the Disciples and Believers of Nichiren.

"Greed here is the investment in one’s own comfort at the expense of others." -- SGI member

And cleaning and fixing up SGI community centers, including several historic buildings while the SGI and their leaders get rich on these real estate holdings, what do you call that? A sane person would call that greed. But through the SGI brainwashing process, they are taught the meaning of greed to mask greed. How could anyone who teaches about the great evil of greed be greedy? This is the oldest con man diversion in history.

Look at the reality. The bologna sandwiches with mayo offered the SGI crews after a full 12 hour day of work cleaning and refurbishing the community centers, and of course, lots of smiles and pats on the back from the salaried leaders. Are they different than the bankers? YES. The bankers will offer the marks filet mignon and lobster for their worthless investments. Therefore, I would say, the SGI leaders are even greedier than the bankers.

What does Nichiren offer? You do the work, you buy the land, you build the temple, you own the land. You become the patron of the priest. As the priest (and you) build the membership and the donations come in you make improvements to the temple, the priests living quarters, and your own living quarters. If you lease out the land for grazing of cattle, you make further improvements to the temple and the temple grounds, your home. In the Sangha of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth, you really are the Sangha. This is but one scenario.

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