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Sunday, April 30, 2017

An example of a shamed SGI member

"Setting - SGI Study Meeting. Study of President Ikeda's "Lectures on Hoben and Juryo chapters of the Lotus Sutra"

Leader (starts the meeting): "OK, everybody. Everyone knows the "material" and I'm not going to spoon-feed you this "stuff". What do you want to talk about? Any experiences?"
Member 1: "I went to a meeting with the Japanese members. I was so!!!! encouraged by their life conditions. You can feel that they are so close to President Ikeda! I was so encouraged! I was so encouraged! I was so encouraged........."
Member 2: "I have an experience." (Talks about a problem with someone at work who is a "very bad person"). Somehow, experience includes mentioning "correct faith"
Member 3 (the "arrogant" one with an "attitude") jumps on that: "How would you define "correct faith"?
Leader (interjects): "You want a challenge? OK! OK! Who wants to respond to the challenge?"
Member 2: "well.... I guess it means believing in my Buddha Nature."
Leader (to member 3): "Now, are you satisfied?"
Member 3: No. Not really....w....
Leader (angrily): "Do you know the meaning of a crab leg in a vat of lacquer."
Member 3 (completely baffled by that expression): ?????

Study of the Lotus Sutra happily continues.....The meeting shifts into a discussion about the greatness of President Ikeda and SGI as the only person/organization on this planet that is fighting for World Peace. Everyone agrees, smiles and claps their hands. Member 3 is ashamed of himself for not being in unity." -- Bo Fugen

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