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Sunday, April 9, 2017

"As an eternal principle, the Soka Gakkai will never ask for even the tiniest contribution of offering from the members." - Daisaku Ikeda

December's Video:
Sustaining Contribution DVD and New Pamphlets

In addition to the HQ Leader’s Meeting Video for the December World Peace Prayer Meetings, we have a joyful Sustaining Contribution DVD which consists of faith encouragement and an experience. Please share this memo as soon as possible with those planning the World Peace Prayer meetings for the month of December, and encourage them to include this eleven-minute DVD on the meeting plan.

Length of Video: 11 minutes

Faith Encouragement: Matilda Buck, SGI North America Vice Women’s Leader  
Experience: Michael Anton, Men’s Division,

There are new Sustaining Contribution pamphlets which can be given out to members after the December World Peace Prayer, New Year’s Gongyo and through the line organization. New York  

Because of the nature of this DVD, we suggest that it be shown toward the beginning of your meeting to avoid technical conflicts with the showing of the Headquarters Leaders Meeting Video. Please enjoy!

New Sustaining Contribution Pamphlets Available: 


  1. They don't ask, but they expect. I have friends and relatives that are SGI.

    1. they don't ask...they demand. no asking overtly. when someone injects a deadly poison to another, does it matter whether they are nice of not? the buddha says , in the end it is all the same. in fact, being devious may be the worse of the two.