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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Boycott the SGI cult

After achieving everything I set out to achieve in Japan sexually, I would like to turn my attention to political and socio-economic issues in this country by launching a crusade against the so-called "Buddhist" lay organization, Sōka Gakkai.

For those who don't know, Sōka Gakkai as an "organized religion" was founded in 1930 by some bespectacled ____fart by the name of Josei Toda (pictured, below), who sought to reform Japan's militaristic education system into a more humanistic one that would support the full development and potential of Japan's youth.

While their initial aim was probably a noble one, through aggressive recruitment drives and gay promises of guaranteed health, wealth and wisdom in exchange for remuneration and the repeated, spastic chanting of "namu-myoho-renge-kyo", Sōka Gakkai quickly became a powerful organization that now seeks (IHOMO) to dominate Japan through heavy-handed involvement in the political arena (the Komeito/New Komeito party), and through control of media organizations and commercial conglomerates.

So? What do I care?

Well, take a gander at their Five Fold Path to National Domination:

1. Spiritually : Make everyone join Sōka Gakkai.

2. Politically : Have the Komei Party take the rein of the Japanese government.

3. Economically : Have business enterprises affiliated with Sōka Gakkai control Japanese financial circles.

4. Ensure Sōka Gakkai members fill key positions of Japanese society - administrative organs (including the Ministry of Justice), media organizations, educational organizations, and cultural organizations.

5. Finally, Sōka Gakkai Supreme Leader, Daisaku Ikeda, will be rule Japan! (cue: evil laughter).

Philosophically, while also being the most aggressively intolerant bunch of ____s in organized religion, all of this directly infringes on MY (and our) right to be pleasure-seeking hedonists. Furthermore, my first Japanese gf was a Sōka Gakkai nut-hugger, and kicked me to the curb for not wanting to be a member. Were she not brainwashed by the money-hungry cult, her perfectly-spherical boobies meant she would have been a keeper.

Since then, it has always been personal.

So, how do we stop these holier-than-thou bunch of pompous poofters and this dangerous cult taking over these heathen lands? Simple: stop using their sh!t.

A bit of JBS investigative research has uncovered the following to be Sōka Gakkai-owned companies:

Mainichi Shinbun,
Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS),
Seven & Holdings (formerly Seven Eleven)
Hito Communications
Benesse (including Berlitz).

Companies directly owned by Sōka Gakkai can be identified with a symbol of a walking/running man or men, as shown in the examples:

The following companies and corporations were found to have direct links to Sōka Gakkai; essentially under their control:

Japan Railways (JR),
Doutour Coffee,
Don Quijote,
Comme ça du mode,
100 yen shop DAISO,
Nippon Ham,
SECOM Security,
Bikkuri Donki (hambag restaurant).

The above lists, I believe, are a good place to start the boycott of a cult which is determined to continue as a "powerfully benevolent force in society," by either subliminally brainwash non-members and/or taking the proceeds of affiliated sales to fund their schemes.

But I'd like to increase the potency of my protests by personally infiltrating a Sōka Gakkai meeting or conference, masquerading as a devoted member, then roughing up a few individuals and throwing rocks at pictures and other symbolic images of Ikeda.

If nothing else, I think it'd be great for a laugh. And it would make a welcome respite from my usual activities, most of which involve neon lights and bouncing breasts.

So, is anyone interested in joining in?

Kind Regards,


P.S. Mods, I couldn't find the "Roughing Up Powerful Cults" Forum. Have I posted in the correct place? Thanks.
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  1. I have been a member of SGI-UK for 30 years now, and I believe it is a truly benevolent cult. My negative karma has certainly transformedto positive in all areas of my life. The vitriol that pours out of your heart and mouth says more about you than SGI.

  2. Figures Lotus Cult Blossom, you can't discuss the teachings, As far as your testimonial:

    Testimonials of personal revelation is of little significance and devoid of practical utility [aiding others on their journey to Supreme and Perfect Enlightenment]. We hear testimonials of personal revelation in all religions, including Christianity, Islam, and even Scientology. Praising the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha, the Supreme Votary of the Lotus Sutra, and refuting slander is the faith and practice for this muddled age, replete with significance and practical utility.

    There are two types of benefits in chanting Namu Myoho renge kyo, inconspicuous and conspicuous. Referring to inconspicuous benefits, Nichiren teaches:

    "Why do you not, if only this once, try planting the wonderful seeds that lead to eternal and unchanging Buddhahood? Though at present you may taste only a tiny fraction of the everlasting joys that await you in the future, surely you should not spend your time thoughtlessly coveting worldly fame and profit, which are as fleeting as a bolt of lightning or the morning dew."


    "Since childhood, I, Nichiren, have never prayed for the secular things of this life but have single-mindedly sought to become a Buddha."

    Since neither Toda nor Ikeda were enlightened, why follow them or their unenlightened organization rather than Shakyamuni Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin, and their organization?

    As far as conspicuous benefits, there are testimonials in every religion but here again, we look to Nichiren. Nichiren's ability to survive far surpassed other religious and secular figures such as Jesus, Osama Bin Laden, and Napoleon. He attributed his survival to Namu myoho renge kyo.

    Since the many "good experiences" posted by SGI members are not based on the teachings of the Eternal Buddha and Nichiren, they are no different than Christian or Islamic testimonials and therefore, we do not recognize them as anything special. That my discourse [which is ultimately Nichiren's discourse] is dead to you, is an example of your distorted religious intuition (perception). It is tantamount to slander. You clearly demonstrate that SGI destroys Buddha seeds which we cultivate for posterity.

    Maybe Lotus Blossum, could you please tell us about The Benefits accrued as a result of praying for the defeat of Nikken?

  3. I had a patient Rosebud R. In 1977 she was diagnosed with colon cancer Dukes Stage C with 5 of 20 extracolonic lymph nodes sampled positive for metastatic disease. She shook it off like a bad cold. Then, 5 years ago, she was diagnosed with inoperable Stage IV bronchogenic carcinoma. She never missed a beat and hardly ever coughs. In december she was having belly pains and an endoscopy revealed cancer of the stomach. Within a week or two, all her symptoms disappeared. She has an appetite like a horse and is more clear of mind then my SGI readers. She attributes all her good fortune "to the man upstairs".

    Her experience rivals that of any SGI, Kempon Hokke, or Nichiren Shoshu believer but that doesn't make her belief in God correct. From a Buddhist perspective, her good fortune is the result of the good karma she created for herself since time without beginning, particularly her faith and practice of the Lotus Sutra in previous existences. Likewise, we must place the various experiences of Soka Gakkai members in perspective. Their belief in the DaiGohonzon, Nichiren as True Buddha, interfaith "based" on the Lotus Sutra, and Ikeda as "eternal mentor" are incorrect. Good fortune in this life doesn't guarantee good fortune throughout eternity, let alone the next lifetime and the very best good fortune, according to the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren, is having a correct faith.

  4. Thanks for your speedy response Mark. I wholeheartedly agree with some of your points. However, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Mr Makiguchi, Toda and Ikeda the first 3 presidents of Soka Gakkai whose determination for spreading this wonderful Mystic Law inherent in all life (including a molecule of water or atom of dust) has inspired many people, and lead to my hearing about and practising this "Sutra of True Requital". I am very aware of the debt of gratitude I owe to many living beings, those whose blood, sweat and tears have enabled me to enjoy freedom, nourishment, health, entertainment etc. However I have to sadly agree a lot of SGI members and leaders display some very cultish behaviour, in the way they worship sensei Ikeda and call themselves his disciples. It makes me cringe, although I try hard not to be judgemental. To be fair most of Ikeda's lectures on the gosho are true to the spirit of Nichiren. Personally I revere the Mystic Law within my own life and environment (the great Oneness), the Buddhas Gautama Siddhartha and Nichiren. Who am I to say whether the one is enlightened or not? I can only quote Nichiren who says "The purpose of the appearance in this world of Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings lies in his behaviour as a human being. So I have chanted daimoku everyday for over 30 years for my daily self improvement and I am happy to say I experience both conspicuous and inconspicuous benefits from so doing.
    However, I have walked out of lectures that finger pointingly harshly criticise the priests and do not chant for anyone's defeat. I don't believe we can have world peace, unitl all Nichiren sects unite harmoniously to spread the law for the sake of the happiness of all people not their respective school or organisation. I also do not believe that if one does not practise with Ikeda one is going against Nichiren and the untruth that others copies of the gosho are false. I am happy to see for myself and to attend a meeting with Nichiren Shu/Shosu/ Nihonzan Myohoji cults/sects. I live in London and you will be most welcome to attend one of our district meetings. I am discerning about what is propaganda and what are the true teachings.
    With my sincere respect

  5. The teachings of Soka Gakkai are hardly the teachings of Nichiren. Sure SGI has borrowed the Daimoku and Gongyo from Nichiren but it chooses to ignore the Four Dictums and exclusive faith and practice of the Lotus Sutra. They merely embrace Nichiren doctrine as a Chinese Buffet customer who chooses Beef and Brocoli and General Tsao's Chicken but not salty calamari or Sharkfin soup. I protest Lotus Blossom that by remaining in SGI, on good terms with the leaders, you are complicit in slander and will never experience the true benefit of the Nichiren faith.

  6. The gosho is the gosho, aka letters written from Nichiren to his followers and government. SGI has been the first to spread this law. You are of course welcome to your opinion about my life,however it is my reality that I fully enjoy all of life's experiences, which I was unable to do before I started my assiduous practise of Nichiren Buddhism.
    Wishing you much joy in all you do too.

  7. The Nichiren Shut has been here since the late 1800s and has been in SE Asia for hundreds of years. Nichiro, one of the six senior disciples who sgi mistakenly teaches as "evil" had brought the teachings to china, Mongolia, and as far north as Siberia shortly after Nichirens death.

  8. I must correct you LB, your practice of Ikedaiasm, not Nichiren Buddhism