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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Golden hued allies of the people or robbers of life?

"Our enemies are many, our enemies are strong, and our allies are stern and difficult to follow. If we give way to evil inclinations, we may lose our faith in the Lotus Sutra and fall into the evil paths of existence. For people always try to run away from what is difficult.

Shakyamuni Buddha had all the thirty-two auspicious features, his body a golden color, his face like the full moon. And yet when evil persons looked at him, some saw his color as ashen, some saw him as sooty, and some saw him as an enemy."

This is equally true today and in this evil age when there are many more persons stained with The Three Poisons of Anger, Avarice, and Stupidity, many see our abject disgraceful leaders, priests, and false mentors as golden hued allies of the people rather than the demonic robbers of life that they are.

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