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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Loving Wolf


  1. Your beloved republicans and libertarian, ayn rand cultits in congress passed a bill. Makes it legal to murder hibernating bears everywhere in the united states. Living creatures lives mean nothing to ayn rand cult psychopaths. What have bears or has human posterity ever done for me? This is their motto.

    1. "your beloved republicans and libertarian, ayn rand.....".

      whats wrong with u anonymous? who do u think you are talking to?

  2. I love this video!! Shared it with my grand kids who are big time lovers of wolves and lions, and they offered this comment:

    " I am glad that people share the truth about our brotherhood with animals- let's put this video on ______'s Face Book page!!"

    Transformation is only possible when people continue to muster the courage to tell the truth-- and that is something each of us can do-so why the complaining? Or rather, why waste time complaining when you can contribute to the transformation of our insane culture?

    The most powerful means for transforming your own negativity is chanting Namu- myoho-renge- kyo with the spirit of dedicating your life to the Lotus Sutra--

    Oh the places you will go !!!


  3. oh, what a sweet baby she is