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Saturday, April 29, 2017

On Buddha seeds and Buddha-nature

The Lotus Sutra states:

“If a person fails to have faith but instead slanders this sutra, immediately he will destroy all the seeds for becoming a Buddha in this world." -- LS Chapter 3

Many Sutras talk about scorched seeds. Some even teach that the Buddha seeds of women are scorched. The Lotus Sutra [through faith in the Sutra] can instantaneously revive the scorched seeds of Men of the Two Vehicles, of those who kill their father, of those who kill their mother, of those who cause disunity within the Sangha*, of those who kill an Arhat, and of those who injure a Buddha and cause him to bleed [these latter five circumstances are known as the Five Cardinal Sins]. However, the Lotus Sutra can not immediately revive the seeds of those who slander the true Dharma or the votaries of the Lotus Sutra. For example, despite repenting of their sins, submitting to, and following Neverdespise Bodhisattva, those who reviled him, for two hundred kotis of eons, neither encountered a Buddha nor the Dharma and they passed one thousand eons in the avici Hell. How much worse the fate of those who slander and revile Myoho renge kyo and its votaries?

*This does not apply at this time because there is no unity in the Sangha and therefore, there is no unity to break. 

I'd like to talk a little about the concept of Buddha seeds [not to be confused with Buddha-nature] as explicated by Nichiren Daishonin:

On Buddha Seeds and Buddha-Nature 

“The Lotus Sutra is like the seed, the Buddha like the sower, and the people like the field.” — The Essentials for Attaining Buddhahood.

“Now in the two thousand years of the True and Counterfeit [Dharmas] when they kept and relied upon the Lesser Vehicle and Provisional Great Vehicle, and practices putting one’s merit [effort] into them, in general there was benefit. Even so, although everyone who practiced those various sutras thought that they obtained the benefit by the various sutras upon which they relied, when we inquire on the meaning by the Hokekyo, they had not one bit of benefit. What is the reason why? It being when the Buddha was in the world they formed a connecting condition with the Hokekyo but it depended upon whether or not there was maturation or not in their capacities. Those whose capacities of the Perfect Teaching are pure and matured in the time [when the Buddha] was in the world attained Buddhahood. Those whose faculties and capacities were faint and inferior [or not yet mature] backslid to the True Dharma [era] and took their realization from the Jomyo [Vimalakirti], Shiyaku, Kan[muryoju]kyo, Ninno hannya kyo and so on, just as when [the Buddha] was in the world. And so in the True Dharma [era] was jointly possessed together of the three, teaching, practice and realization.

“In the Counterfeit Dharma [era] there was teaching and practice but no realization. Now on entering the Latter Dharma there are the teachings, but there is no practice or realization. There is not one person of those who formed the connecting condition when the Buddha was in the world. The two capacities of the Provisional and Real [Teachings] are all gone. At this time for the two [types] of people who are of the rebellious [sins] and blasphemy of the present era for the first time one takes Namu Myoho renge kyo of the ‘Chapter of the Measure of Life’, the Essence of the Hommon as the laying down of the seed (or, as the Buddha Seed). “‘This good, excellent medicine now I leave here. You should take and swallow it. Do not worry that you will not be cured’” refers to this.

It is as when long ago in the Counterfeit Dharma [era] of the past Buddha Ionno when there was not one person who knew the Great Vehicle, the Bodhisattva Fukyo came forth and chanted the Twenty-four Characters which the Master of Teachings had preached. Those who heard those Twenty-four Characters not lacking one person also [later] encountered the Great Being (Mahasattva) Fukyo and obtained benefit. This then was because they made the previous hearing of the Dharma the laying down of the seed (geshu).

Now it is also like this. That was the Counterfeit Dharma; this is the polluted evil Latter Dharma. That was a practicer of the First (Elementary) Following Joy [level]; this is a worldling of the Name {Identity]. That was the laying down of seed of the Twenty-four Characters; this is only the Five Characters [of the Daimoku]. Although the times of obtaining the Way (tokudo: Buddhahood) are different, their ultimate meaning of Attaining Buddhahood would be completely the same.” (STN, v. 2, 1479-1480) Kyogyosho Gosho

“Though the people who say the Nembutsu, keep the precepts and so on are many, the persons who rely upon the Hokekyo are few. The stars are many but they do not illuminate the great sea. Grasses are many but they do not form the pillars of the Imperial Palace. Though Nembutsus are many, they are not the Way to become a Buddha. Though one keeps the precepts they do not form the seed for going to the Pure Land. It is only the Seven Characters ‘Namu Myoho renge kyo’ that are the seed for becoming a Buddha. Though, when I said this, people were jealous and did not adopt it, the late Lord Ueno by his believing it has become a Buddha.” (STN, v. 2, 1603) — Gosho unknown by me

There are two processes and two general types of people, according to Nichiren Daishonin: Those who received the seeds of Buddhahood in the past, those in the Higher Six Worlds; and those who never received the seeds, those in the Lower Four Worlds. For those who have already received the seeds, the Daimoku functions to water the seeds. For those who never received the seeds, hearing the Daimoku [Law] is the seed and practicing the Daimoku is the water. He states, “But many who neither received the seeds of Buddhahood nor formed ties with the Buddha in past existences…” and further along, “The sutra explains that all bodhisattvas, persons of the two vehicles, and human and heavenly beings received the seeds of Buddhahood numberless major world system dust particle kalpas ago.” Therefore, when he asserts, “If people do not possess innate Buddha wisdom, how could the Buddha say he wanted to open it? One must understand that Buddha wisdom is inherent in all human beings.” [Even in those in the Four Lower Worlds who do not possess the Buddha seeds]. How do we reconcile these seemingly diverse teachings? Buddha-nature is the FIELD of good fortune synonymous with Buddha wisdom in all beings but without the Buddha seeds and water of Myoho renge kyo, the field will lie fallow and Buddhahood will never open [manifest].

The biggest slander of the Lotus Sutra, at this time and in this place, is the Soka Gakkai's claim that only through one's relationship with Daisaku ikeda can one become enlightened, thus causing the believers to doubt the beneficense and efficacy of the Law of Myoho renge kyo. This is what I mean, referring to "destroying the seeds of Buddhahood." As a corrolary, because of the behavior and false teachings of the Gakkai, in the US for example, many hundreds of thousands of people have come to doubt the Lotus Sutra and they will never again chant the Daimoku in this very life


  1. very important explanation.

    because of the various cults, jim jones, manson, sgi, nst, rev moon, and the trump cult..'lying rather than truth is the new truth. hence , the worlds people drink the poison. namu myoho renge kyo !

    1. this post above is from gosho "daimoku as the seed of buddhahood" kuro taro dojo gohenji. sgi gosho page online -304.

      G Z - p 1553
      stn. - p 1602

      gassho, shinkei